James Harden claimed that he was honoured when the late Kobe Bryant asked to team up with him at the Lakers.

In 2017, James Harden appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk program. There, Kimmel discussed how Kobe Bryant had said he would have loved for James Harden to play for the Lakers. Harden was at a loss for words despite the evident flattery of the comment.

“That’s an honour”, Harden was heard saying. The two’s matchup in the Drew League was then brought up by Kimmel. Kimmel queries how many Kobe had after Harden explains and responds, “I had 50,” to his question. He had about 40, but he nailed the game-winning shot, according to James.

These stories about the legendary Kobe Bryant let us remember how amazing he was and give us the impression that he is still with us.

The legendary Kobe Bryant, an idol of his growing up, was another subject of ‘The Beard’s’ adoration. It’s not difficult to comprehend why he feels a connection to Kobe given that he grew up in California and was a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. Jimmy and James briefly discussed the fact that Bryant and Harden had the same agency, new Lakers GM Rob Pelinka.

Superstar Sixers star James Harden remembers the day he lost to Kobe Bryant in the Drew League after dropping 50 points due to a Kobe game-winning shot.

Every summer, Los Angeles hosts the Drew League, a pro-am basketball league. There have been several noteworthy NBA stars that have played in this elite competition. In a similar Drew League match, two of these celebs squared off ten years ago.

In a Drew League match from 2011, James Harden and Kobe Bryant squared off. Even though James Harden scored a game-high 47 points, Kobe Bryant had to prevail because that is just who he is. Kobe tallied almost 40 points. The gym, which could hold a few hundred people, was filling up quickly because of Kobe’s presence. When the cops arrived and asked Kobe to stop playing, he refused and, before exiting the gym, made the game-winning shot.

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