Which Rafael Nadal trait did David Ferrer and Feliciano Lopez pick for their ideal tennis player?


Spanish pair picked Rafael Nadal for his mentality while building the ideal tennis player

Rafael Nadal might be one of the greatest to have ever played the sport of tennis.

The Spaniard has won 19 Grand Slams and looks set to win a few more, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Spaniard Rafael Nadal celebrates after winning a point at the Madrid Masters Open last year.
Spaniard Rafael Nadal celebrates after winning a point at the Madrid Masters Open last year. (Getty Images)

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t stopping players from providing interviews and updates.

Spanish pair Feliciano Lopez and David Ferrer did just that recently. They were building the perfect tennis player and highlighted one aspect of Nadal’s game that no one could match.

Feliciano Lopez and David Ferrer
Feliciano Lopez (L) and David Ferrer talk during a press conference in New Delhi (Photo credit should read MONEY SHARMA/AFP via Getty Images)

They were talking about his mentality and it was Ferrer who spoke first about it (h/t AS):

“It is impossible to have played against Nadal and say other than him.”

Lopez also had the same idea bout Nadal’s mentality and went on to say:

“I have not seen anyone solve moments of tension like him.”

The pair did name Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and a host of other stars for the rest of the traits.

However, Nadal’s mentality is something that most tennis stars can only dream to replicate during tough situations.

Tennis in a sticky situation

Nadal might be one of the best in the world but it is unlikely any matches will be held before July.

However, Nadal has spoken about the possibility of playing in empty stadiums, but even that has to be seen if it is possible.

Tennis star Rafael Nadal wears Richard Mille and other luxury watches
Rafael Nadal spotted wearing a Richard Mille during one of his encounters. (Image Credit: Pinterest)

The coronavirus pandemic has affected hundreds of thousands across the world. It needs to be controlled before any plans of returns are brought up.

Wimbledon has already been cancelled while the French Open has been shifted. Hopefully, things improve soon and we get some tennis action too.

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