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(Watch) Bill Gates gets better of Rafael Nadal with skilful lob at the 2020 Match for Africa

The duo of Roger Federer and Bill Gates beat Rafael Nadal-Trevor Noah 6-3 in the exhibition doubles game

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates produced a moment of sheer brilliance when he lobbed World No.2 Rafael Nadal during the 2020 “Match for Africa” charity exhibition doubles match in Cape Town recently.

The incident happened during the first set of the encounter, when Gates, who was partnering Swiss maestro Roger Federer, lobbed a ball over the top of Nadal.

Bill Gates and Roger Federer during the doubles exhibition match during the “Match for Africa” event held in Cape Town recently. (Getty Images)

Nadal’s partner and ‘The Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah, who was staying behind the Spaniard tried his best for a return, however, he could not, as he failed to connect his shot on time.

Gates, who otherwise was a silent spectator alongside the living legend Federer, suddenly made the crowd erupt in joy with his innovative effort, thus receiving loud applause.

The exhibition match was held mainly to raise money for the Roger Federer Foundation.

The charity provides education and athletic training to children in Africa and the game ended with Gates and Federer emerging eventual winners 6-3.

“I feel very small next to Gates”

Roger Federer had earlier said before the match that he felt very small next to billionaire Bill Gates but that it was a learning curve for him.

“It’s very stimulating to spend time with people as brilliant as Bill Gates. I feel very small next to Gates, but I can learn a lot. Such encounters take me further. But you have to listen carefully, be very attentive, understand quickly,” said Federer.

This is the third time Gates has paired up with Federer for the “Match for Africa” series, with the two having played together twice in Seattle, Washington in 2017 and San Jose, California in 2018 respectively.

Bill Gates and Roger Federer pose for a photo when they paired up for an event back in 2017 at Seattle, Washington. (Google Images)

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