“Just watch out! Lindsey is always on the prowl” – Twitter reacts as Jannik Sinner and Lindsey Vonn are seen skiing together


Italian tennis star Jannik Sinner hosted Olympic Champion Lindsey Vonn were spotted skiing together near his hometown

Jannik Sinner found the best skiing partner one could ever get, in US Olympic Champion, Lindsey Vonn. Sinner is very passionate about skiing, enjoyed the session with Vonn, and took to Twitter to share photographs. Sinner might be a successful tennis professional now, but he used to be a champion skier as a junior in Italy from the age of 8 to 12, and still enjoys skiing in the off-season.

There is an interesting context to the story. At last year’s US Open, Jannik Sinner got a unique opportunity to meet Lindsey Vonn and expressed his wish to hit the slopes with her one day. And, his wish definitely seems to have been fulfilled now.

Sinner is understandably delighted that he got the chance to fulfill his wish. “Hosting Lindsey and skiing near my hometown is something that I’ll treasure for a long time. It’s hard to put into words how truly special it was for me to spend the day and ski with one of the greatest to ever do it”, the Italian wrote on Twitter, expressing his delight. Lindsey Vonn is an all-time legend in skiing and has 1 Olympic gold and 2 World Championship golds to her name.

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Fans react to pictures of Sinner and Vonn skiing together

Let us take a look at a few of the reactions from fans on Twitter to the photographs shared by Sinner.

“Just watch out! Lindsey is always on the prowl”, joked a fan.


“What an iconic collab”, came a tweet from sports commentator Nick McCarvel.

“That is AMAZING!! Your hometown area is beyond stunning. You must miss it during the season”, wrote another fan.

“Love both of you! Amazing role models”, tweeted another fan.

“That’s very cool. I always see Lindsey at the US Open. Big tennis fan. She was probably very excited to ski with you, too”, read another tweet.

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