“His career has been extended for five or six years” – Goran Djokovic shares his take on nephew Novak Djokovic’s bans due to vaccination status


Novak Djokovic was barred from taking part in two major Grand Slam events this year – the Australian Open and the US Open – Goran Djokovic, his uncle shares his take on the same

Novak Djokovic‘s uncle Goran Djokovic has explained how the Australian Open fiasco has not harm Djokovic’s form and fitness. Djokovic was barred from participating in the Australian Open due to his unvaccinated status against COVID-19. While he initially received an exemption from Australia’s strict vaccination requirement to enter the country, after a lot of back and forth between Djokovic and the Australian legal system, he was eventually deported from Australia.

Novak Djokovic
Serbia’s Novak Djokovic wears a face mask as he listens to the national anthems prior to a Davis Cup group F match between Serbia and Austria in Innsbruck, Austria, Friday, Nov. 26, 2021. (Photo/Michael Probst)

Goran insists that the absence from the Major Down Under might have extended Novak’s career for another “five or six years.” Goran Djokovic is an entrepreneur born in Yugoslavia. He is the proud owner of Djokovic Wine, the businessman’s latest business venture.

The Australian Open is not the only Grand Slam that Djokovic was barred from participating in, this year. The former World No. 1 was hopeful of making it to the US Open this year, but had to withdraw his name in the last few days because of the US’ policy on unvaccinated foreign nationals being barred from visiting the country.

Fans react to Goran Djokovic’s statements on Twitter

Let us take a look at what fans feel about Goran Djokovic’s statements that the bans will help Novak elongate his career.

“Going by that logic if he takes rest for a few more years he can play forever but the fact is when you don’t play for too long it’s difficult to find form when you’re making the comeback”, wrote a fan, taking a sly dig at Goran.

“That’s not how aging works unfortunately. It may tack another year onto his career but that’s about it. When he’s a 40 yr old man he’s still gonna be a 40 yr old man by and large. The reflexes won’t be the same. Even if the wear & tear is slightly less”, wrote another fan.

“Nice try. He’s been getting older while Alcaraz has been getting better. I respect Novak and I’m sure he will benefit short term from the rest, but missing those events is not a good thing for him”, read another tweet.

“It could certainly benefit him next year. But the idea that he’ll somehow be immune to the problems that every other tennis player in history has experienced after the age of 37-38 is laughable”, tweeted another fan.

“Good luck believing that. Everyone in that family has an opinion. They have zero decorum or humility”, another fan trolled.

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