Takt Op Symphony Tier List – All Characters Ranked (July 2023)


Looking for the best characters in Takt Op Symphony? Our Takt Op Symphony tier list ranks based on their overall strength and usefulness in battle. 

Takt Op Symphony is an exceptional turn-based RPG developed by Program Twenty-Three that takes inspiration from a popular anime/manga IP. This mobile game combines strategic gameplay elements with a captivating musical theme, creating a unique and immersive experience for players. One of the key aspects of the game revolves around its diverse cast of characters known as Musicarts, who play a pivotal role in battles and progression.

Drawing influence from the widely acclaimed anime series that shares its name, Takt Op Symphony brings the beloved characters and storylines to life in a thrilling mobile gaming format. Fans of the original anime will be delighted to step into the shoes of Takt Asahina, a familiar face who serves as the protagonist in the game. 

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While the characters in the mobile game are currently exclusive to Takt Op Symphony, Fate does bear a striking resemblance to Destiny. However, identifying the best characters to play with can be difficult. Therefore, we have made the Takt Op Symphony Tier List for you. This tier list is based on the characters’ overall strength and usefulness in battle. The S tier characters are the strongest and most versatile, while the C tier characters are the weakest and most situational.

Takt Op Symphony Tier List 

To assist you in improving your gameplay experience, we present a Takt Op Symphony tier list. This tier list categorizes the characters based on their overall effectiveness, strengths, and weaknesses. By understanding the rankings, you can strategically choose the most powerful and versatile Musicarts to build a formidable team. Let’s delve into each tier:

S Tier

In the upper echelon of power and versatility, the S Tier of the Takt Op Symphony tier list encompasses the most exceptional characters in Takt Op Symphony. These Musicarts possess formidable abilities and a range of attributes that can turn the tide of battles in your favor. They excel in multiple aspects of gameplay, making them highly sought after by players aiming to dominate the game.

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A Tier

The A Tier of the Takt Op Symphony tier list showcases characters that are slightly below the S Tier but remain outstanding choices for your team. While they may not possess the same level of dominance, they bring significant value to your overall strategy. These Musicarts offer reliable performance and can be crucial assets in your quest for victory.

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B Tier

Characters in the B Tier are reliable and effective, though they may lack the sheer power and versatility of the higher tiers. Nonetheless, they provide solid support and contribute to a well-rounded team. Depending on your playstyle and preferences, including some B Tier characters in your lineup can enhance your overall strategy.


C Tier

The C Tier of the Takt Op Symphony tier list represents characters who may be considered less powerful or versatile compared to those in higher tiers. While they may not be the optimal choices for competitive gameplay, they can still be useful in specific situations. Their abilities might complement certain team compositions or serve as viable alternatives until you acquire stronger characters.

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Please note that this is just a general tier list and your individual preferences may vary. There are also many other factors that can affect a character’s strength, such as their synergy with other characters and the type of content you are playing.

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