Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest sale features the top-rated Open World exploration games.

The Steam sale 2024 features thousands of games with discounts. Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest joins the sale and it will be available till June 3, 2024. The Open World Survival Crafting Fest includes engaging games in survival, open world and crafting genres. Here are the top games to purchase from the Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest.

Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest 2024  – Best Games

In open world games, you can explore every zone, fight against monsters, farm resources and craft equipment. Here are the top open world games from the new Steam Sale,

Sons of The Forest (30%)

Sons of the Forest is a good pick if you love survival thrillers. Here, you have to save a billionaire on a remote and mysterious island. Throughout your journey, you have to defeat cannibals and zombies. You can use weapons, skills and vehicles to survive in the forest. Building bases and firecamps gets easier with exploration. Sons of Forest also has a co-op mode.

Penkura (33%)

  • Theme – Time Travel

Penkura is a survival exploration game where you have to defeat aliens in the hostile galaxy. You can recruit robots as your companion, complete quests together and build bases. In the campaign, players have to explore different maps and start building stations to expand the base. 

Age of Water (25%)

  • Genre – Survival

Age of Water is a riveting MMO that’s set in oceans of the post-apocalyptic world. Play as a sea captain and embark on a journey in the remote island. You have to travel in boot, loot resources and defeat enemies. The goal is to find the secrets of Age of Water world, claim valuable resources and claim new boats. With weapons and strategy, you can defeat pirates from other islands. Guns and explosives have been the best weapons to defeat pirates from other nations. You can use perks and buffs as well.

Nomad (Free)

  • Genre – Sandbox 

Nomad is a gripping zombie survival game. The world of Nomad is cursed. You have to join with NPCs, build bases and defend your enemies. Be it food, medicine, weapons, or ammo, everything can be created by defeating monsters in the dangerous world of Nomad. You can use weapons like axes to cut down trees and use them to craft bases. Nomad is an engaging survival thriller where every chapter is crucial for progress.

Core Keeper (40%)

  • Genre – Survival 
  • Mode – Multiplayer 

Core Keeper is a survival exploratory game. The game has single-player and a co-op mode that supports 8 players in a server. Core Chamber is the main biome where stories begin. In Core Chamber, you have to defeat bosses and complete quests. You can craft quest items like torches and tools with wood. You have to get food for characters as the game’s progress entirely depends on your hunger bar.

Strayed (20%)

  • Genre – VR

The new open world multiplayer game is all about surviving on the island. In Strayed, you have to join other players and survive in the open world. Be it islands, beaches, or forests, you can only survive with a torch and some quest items. You can use pickaxes and primitive weapons to survive in the dark world. In every stage, you can upgrade bases with new ceilings and walls. Also, you have to build a spawn point and add storage boxes to store your equipment.

Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest
Everything You Need to Know About Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest 2

No Man’s Sky (50%)

  • Mode – Multiplayer 
  • Theme – Survival 

In No Man’s Sky, players play as an Anomaly or Traveler and the key mechanics are combat, trading, base building, survival and exploration. Players have to explore planets, use the exosuit and equipment to scan resources on each planet. You can use currency to obtain items from Flora and Fauna. On every planet, you have to overcome storms, traps, toxic games and other threats.

Sub Nautica (50%)

  • Genre – Survival 
  • Mode – Single-Player 

Sub Nautica is a gripping survival adventure that focuses on the tale of the lone survivor, Ryley Robinson. On an alien oceanic planet, the spaceship crashes and you have to find ways to survive the location. be it Flora or Fauna, you have to farm resources and survive the dangerous creatures and escape the planet.

In Sub Nautica, you can interact with the wildlife, complete quests and unlock important items like blueprints. With tools and resources, you can upgrade your bases on planet. Challenges of Sub Nautica take place in underwater locations and you have to survive every level to progress in the campaign.

These are the top picks from the Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest sale. You can also buy some classic games from the TinyBuild Publisher sale.


What’s the Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest?

New Steam sale offers plenty of Open World games. You can purchase your favorite survival and crafting adventure games at a low price. This Steam sale will only be available till June 3, 2024.

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