The TinyBuild Publisher sale features mind-blowing action and survival games. Find out the best deals for this season.

TinyBuild is a popular gaming company in America. Fearless Fantasy and Party Hard are some of the best games launched by tinyBuild. Steam sale for summer 2024 features tons of games and the new sale features games exclusively launched by the tinyBuild team. Here are some of the best games to purchase from the tinyBuild publisher sale in 2024 on steam.

Best Games in TinyBuild Publisher Sale 2024

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator (55%)

  • Genre – Crafting 
  • Mode – Single-player 

Potion Craft is a management simulation game and you play as an owner of the Alchemist store. You have to craft potions and sell them to customers. Use mortar and pestle in a cauldron to grind ingredients and brew potions. Potions are used to heal people and remove their diseases.

Cartel Tycoon (60%)

  • Genre – Survival 
  • Mode – Single-player 

Cartel Tycoon is one of the best indie games. This survival simulation game is inspired by events of narco trade in the 80s and 90s. The world of Latin America is affected by cocaine and drugs. You have to defeat thugs, overcome challenges of the drug lord and save the residents. You have to expand your farming business with new plantations and laboratories. Cartel Tycoon is an engaging survival game that focuses on the lives of criminals in the underworld.

Hello Neighbor 2 (50%)

  • Genre – Stealth
  • Mode – Single-player 

Hello Neighbor 2 is one of the horror games of all-time. Stories take place in Raven Brooks where you have to overcome AI residents and paranormal activities. Hello Neighbor 2 continues from the original game and you have to start the investigation at Mr. Peterson’s House and find him.

SpeedRunners (80%)

  • Genre – Racing
  • Mode – Multiplayer 

SpeedRunners is a side-scrolling racing adventure. In this game, you have to win challenges against opponents by crossing levels. You can overcome every level with grappling hooks and power-ups. The environments in SpeedRunners will feature tricky challenges and you have to avoid elimination in every round. The last player who survives every stage will be the winner.

Streets of Rage (75%)

  • Genre – Roguelite 
  • Mode – Multiplayer 

Streets of Rage is an intense action adventure. Challenges of Streets of Rage take place in Parks, Slums, Downtown and Uptown. You have to defeat the gangs of the Mayor using traits, skills and gadgets. Every floor has different challenges and you have to overcome traps and monsters.

Stage Presence (80%)

  • Genre – Simulation 
  • Mode – Multiplayer 

Stage Presence is a comedy and horror-karaoke game. It’s hailed as one of the best indie games of all-time. The goal is to defeat mobs as a singer. Play as one of the lead members of a Band and perform plenty of songs on the stage. You will claim rewards by entertaining the audience with every performance. The multiplayer game mode features Survival and Karaoke challenges.

TinyBuild Publisher Sale
What Games Should You Buy From The Steam TinyBuild Publisher Sale 2024? 2


Are there free games in the TinyBuild Publisher Sale?

No, there are not free games from the sale. But, you can purchase the best action and adventure games launched by TinyBuild over the years at huge discounts and this sale will only be available until May 27, 2024. The Summer Steam Sale 2024 also includes tons of games that were released two decades ago. You can purchase your favorite video games.

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