Best 9 Games Under 10 Hours That You Can Beat Easily



Can you complete games under 10 hours? Which are the top games that take only 10 hours? Find out 9 games that you can beat under 10 hours with engaging screenplay and top-notch visuals.

A video game takes lots of time to complete every chapter. Players always focus on beating a game in record time. Some games take more than a month and some take less than a day. There are many video games under 10 hours with limited content, gripping stories and features. Here are some of the best games that you can beat under 10 hours.

9 Games Under 10 Hours 

Donut County 

The puzzle adventure follows the story of Mira and her raccoon, BK, in a donut shop. BK focuses on launching a new mobile app to deliver donuts. When Mira discovers the app actually destroys the residents of the Donut County, she’s all set for a new mission to trap the boss of BK, the Trash King.

Mira has to overcome challenges of raccoons that trouble the residents by swallowing the trash. As the story progresses, BK will join with Mira and help all residents of the Donut County to come out of the trap and hope. Donut County is a simple adventure game and has been hailed as one of the classic games to complete under 12 hours.

Resident Evil Village 

A scary horror and survival thriller game that supports both first-person and third-person perspective. The plot begins in a remote village of the European world. Play as Ethan Winters and fight against Werewolf mutants and enemies who kidnap the hero’s daughter. Use weapons, skills and controls to survive in the mystery world and overcome all challenges. Every chapter in Resident Evil Village has limited objectives and this is another game that you can complete before 10 hours.

Gone Home

Gone Home is an exploration thriller. The story starts in 1995. Play as a woman who returns from another country. When she lands in her home, her family goes missing. In Gone Home, no NPCs will help you. You have to use missing items and journals to find clues about missing members of the family. Katie, the young woman, plays the main role and she can interact with objects in the house.

Bad North 

Bad North, the tower defense game is all about attacking Vikings and defending your bases from other kingdoms. The gameplay mechanics are real-time tactics. Explore the islands and move across tiles to attack your enemies. The Bad North has three difficulty levels. Defend your bases, collect gold coins and upgrade it with the best resources. The goal is to save the idyllic island and become the strongest Viking in your clan.

Titanfall 2

Shooter games are hard to beat and Titanfall 2 is an exception from this list. Titanfall 2 is a riveting first-person shooter game that takes place in a fictional sci-fi world. Play as Titans and Pilots and join Jack Cooper in his journey. The challenge in Titanfall 2 is to save the world from the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC), who plans to use a special weapon to destroy every region.


Islanders is a city-building game where you have to utilize strategies and resources to win quests. Islanders was hailed as one of the best indie games during its launch. The goal is to place buildings on the island, defeat enemies and earn points. As you earn more points, you can build more cities on the colorful island. Islanders doesn’t have quests, weapons, helicopters, or vehicles. All you need to do is to place buildings from inventory and expand your cities.

Into the Breach 

Into the Breach is a turnba action adventure. Play as Soldiers, equip  mechs and unleash your skills against dangerous monsters called the Vek. Battles are turn-based and you can find every action of the Vek on the map. Vek are aliens and their goal is to capture every part of the world. With the best mechs and equipment, stop the invasion of Vek and other creatures to save the world.


A casual puzzle game where players have to solve puzzles. You can take hints through two-by-two grid images and progress in the campaign. In Gorogoa, you start your journey as a young boy. As he completes puzzles, he will become an old man. The boy has to overcome puzzles in the 19th and 20th century to defeat the dangerous monster and progress in the campaign.

Halo: Reach

Games under 10 hours
Best 9 Games Under 10 Hours That You Can Beat Easily 2

Reach is one of the best games from the Halo franchise. Halo Reach takes place in the future in the year 2552 where humanity and hope have disappeared. Humans are trapped by aliens and their theocracy called Covenant. You will play as Noble Six, the main member of the elite squad. The Noble Team has to work together to save the world from the alien threat.

The campaign in Halo Reach has more than 10 missions. You can use weapons and skills to kill aliens. The story takes a twist when a new invasion is found by Jun and Six. The Noble Team has to follow orders of UNSC and overcome all challenges. Halo Reach is an all-time classic game and one of the easiest games under 10 hours.

These 10 games are challenging, thrilling and engaging from the word game. Be it hunting games or investigation games, you have to utilize the best strategies to complete them quickly.


Is it Easy to Complete Video Games under 10 hours?

Yes, with the best strategies and experience, you can beat games under 10 hours.

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