Survivor Series is one of the biggest WWE PPVs ever and here are some records regarding the most eliminations, wins and more

WWE packed up Survivor Series 2020 with some incredible matches and a few records being set too.

Survivor Series is one of the greatest PPVs in the history of WWE and has seen the rise of several stars thanks to its traditional elimination matches.

2019 saw the introduction of NXT into all this but for the most part, the five-on-five elimination matches have taken place between Raw and SmackDown.

Keith Lee is the current North American title holder but faces a challenge from several NXT stars
NXT star Keith Lee plants Roman Reigns during Survivor Series (Image credit: WWE)

Celebrities have also participated in such matches but some stars have been at the top of their game in this PPV.

While Survivor Series started off in 1987, stars from the past and present hold a few records.

1) Most wins

Starting off with the most important stat for Survivor Series, most wins. There have been countless battles taking place in those five-on-five matches but three men seem to have it better than the rest.

Seven stars are tied with 3 total wins (team winning the Survivor Series clash) with the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan tied at 4.

Randy Orton is one of the greatest WWE stars ever
Randy Orton wants a piece of Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam 2020 (WWE)

Randy Orton rules the roost in this with five team wins to his name so far.

2) Most eliminations

While the Royal Rumble has seen stars eliminate others by throwing them off the top rope, it is a little different in Survivor Series.

A star has to pin or submit a rival to get the elimination and that isn’t all too easy. However, three stars have double-digit eliminations in the Survivor Series matches and three out of the top five are still action.

Braun Strowman and Rey Mysterio are tied on nine eliminations each. Shawn Michaels is third on the list with 12 eliminations while the Big Show has 13. Again, ruling the roost is Orton with an incredible 16 eliminations so far.

The women have also fought a lot in recent years in the WWE Survivor Series and Natalya has the most eliminations with seven so far in her career.

3) Most Survivor Series elimination matches

The Viper holds this record along with another WWE legend when it comes to Survivor Series elimination matches.

Legendary WWE star, The British Bulldog and the Big Show are tied with eight appearances in elimination matches.

Shawn Michaels Royal Rumble
Shawn Michaels is known as Mr WrestleMania (Image credit: Getty)

Kane, another big star, has nine such matches with Orton tied with Michaels with 11 each under their belts.

However, Orton has one big record along with the Ultimate Warrior. They hold the record for being the last man standing, the sole survivor, in three matches each.

There are many others tied at two with Ric Flair, Roman Reigns, Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Dolph Ziggler achieving that feat.

4) Clean sweeps

Getting a clean sweep (eliminating all five members of a team without anyone of the other getting eliminated) isn’t as rare as you would think.

This has happened nine times in the past, including the 5-0 demolition from Team Raw on Team SmackDown at Survivor Series 2020:

Survivor Series 2020 stats

Survivor Series 2020 also had some other incredible stats coming out of the show. Speaking of Team Raw, Lana was the sole survivor in the women’s match and this was her first win in a PPV.

Lana helped Raw win the Survivor Series match
Lana was the sole survivor at Survivor Series for Raw (WWE)

Her teammate, Nia Jax, might not have been able to save herself from a count out, but she still remains victorious in all her Survivor Series matches and those have always been for the Red Brand.

Continuing with the Raw theme, Braun Strowman helped his team to a clean sweep of SmackDown. This was his fifth such Survivor Series appearance and he hasn’t been eliminated by a star, yet.

R-Truth also won the 24/7 title at Survivor Series 2020 and became the first WWE star with 50-title reigns in his career.

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