Warriors legend Stephen Curry’s shooting stats are better than Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird.

The addition of the three-point line irrevocably altered the game of basketball. However, the threat was introduced and did not wholly reach clubs until Stephen Curry arrived. Stephen Curry has caused teams to reassess their approach to offense and defense and transformed the way players think about scoring.

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Jordan is regarded as the best player in basketball history, whereas Curry is regarded as the greatest shooter in basketball history.

Stephen Curry has a higher career 2P% (52.0%) than

Karl: 51.9 2P%

Bird: 51.5 2P%

Hakeem: 51.4 2P%

MJ: 51.0 2P%

Erving: 51.0 2P%

KG: 50.4 2P%

Dirk: 49.6 2P%

Oscar: 48.5 2P%

Kobe: 47.9 2P%

West: 47.4 2P%

With his 4th championship, analysts are debating whether or not Steph is one of the top ten players of all time. But there is no debate stating that Steph is the best shooter the game has ever seen. However, players like Jordan, Hakeem, and Kobe are known for their mid-range games. But it seems Chef Curry is better than them at it. Curry has shot 52% for two points throughout his career, which is higher than many game legends.

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Curry won his fourth championship with the Warriors this year with his first Finals-MVP last month. He ties the number of titles won with LeBron at 4. Steph won two MVPs compared to Lebron’s 4, Jordan’s 5, and Magic’s and Bird’s 3.
Jordan won 6 championships with the Bulls in the 90s, Kobe won 5 with the Lakers, and James has four with three different teams. At the same time, Steph won 4 with the Warriors. Both have impacted the game at significant levels. However, Steph’s revolution of three-pointers is a growing wave. Every team shoots more threes, and we see college kids making threes from the logo.

Some of Steph’s three-point records:

  • Most three-pointers made in NBA regular season: 3,117
  • With three-pointers made in 597 games, he has the fewest games played to achieve 2,000 career three-pointers.
  • With 30.1 PPG, he had the highest scoring average for a player who scored 50% or better on field goals, 40% or better on 3-point field goals, and 90% or better on free throws for an entire season.
  • With 402 three-pointers made in a single season, he is the all-time leader.
  • With 79 straight games with at contest three-pointer made in a single season, he is the all-time leader.
  • Only player in NBA history to get the MVP award unanimously.
  • Only player in NBA history to win the Three-Point Contest, NBA MVP, and championship all in the same season.

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