NBA legend LeBron James had an encouraging message for his son, Bronny, after his impressive outing at the Nike Elite Youth Basketball.

LeBron James has accomplished about all he likely set out to do in life. Despite having a rough upbringing, James made it to the NBA, climbed to the top of the mountain by winning championships and MVP awards, and finally became a billionaire this year. There isn’t much left to do except for breaking Kareem Abdul-scoring Jabbar’s record. He also wants to play in the NBA with his kid Bronny James.

LeBron, who has been making waves in the basketball world as well, has supported Bronny every step as he strives to follow in his father’s footsteps and make it to the NBA. He just played in what is likely his finest game ever, dominating the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League with 28 points, six assists, and three rebounds. In addition, he made five three-pointers when LeBron was present, and the King responded to his son’s outstanding performance.

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Nearly all analysts and scouts had nothing but great things to say about young Bronny. He scored an impressive 28 points, distributed six assists, and shot 5/11 from beyond the arc. The analysts compared Bronny to young LeBron with a better jump shot. His athleticism and basketball IQ were better than his peers. 

James has expressed his interest in playing with his son in the NBA for a long time. Flashes of Bronny’s performances make James’ dream closer day by day.

Bronny once more displayed his effortless shooting stroke, and he must continue to play at this high level. It would be the reason for alarm in the James family if he slid from 29th to 60th in Rivals’ most recent update of the prospect rankings. But if he keeps working hard and focuses on his skill, he will make it to the NBA.

As his younger brother Bryce is also making news, Bronny is not the only young person in the family with their sights set on the NBA. The 15-year-old was recently shown standing nearly as tall as his father, so another pair of brothers sharing the floor at the NBA level may be on the horizon.

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