PlayStation Head has shared interesting ideas to convert PC gamers to PlayStation consoles. Find out everything.

PlayStation has been the top-selling console. The competition between PlayStation and Xbox has grown only bigger every year. Both companies have been trying to implement different strategies to retain the top position. The team of Xbox is ready to unveil their new Xbox console and  PlayStation is focusing on a daring attempt to increase their sales.

Hermen Hulst, the next CEO of PlayStation has given major updates. He’s confirmed Live Service games will be regularly launched on PC and PlayStation. Also, he’s confirmed single-player narrative games will be first launched on PC and their sequels will be a PlayStation-exclusive.

Those who play single-player narrative games on PC will have to play the sequel on PlayStation. This strategy by Hermen Hulst has been widely appreciated by critics as they look to expand their business. Hermen Hulst will work proactively to convert all PC gamers to PlayStation. More updates will be revealed once he becomes the Co-Ceo of the PlayStation company.

PlayStation has been dominating their nemesis over the years and they will only look to widen their market. Hermen Hulst’s different approach has started on a positive note as critics have supported the current vice president’s ideas. The number of PC gamers has always been higher than consoles. The PlayStation team will look to bridge the gap and widen their number of users.

PC gamers
Elden Ring

What are the upcoming single-player narrative games from Sony?

Sony has planned to launch many single-player narrative and adventure games for consoles and PC. As of now, there’s no update on the games’ release date, gameplay and stories. 

That’s everything you need to know about PlayStation’s strategies, PC gamers and new live service games. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

Which are the best PlayStation Games?

Fall Out, Elden Ring, Hogwarts Legacy and GTA 5 are some of the best games to purchase form the PlayStation Store.

Does PlayStation Store Have Free Games?

Players who purchase the PlayStation Plus will be able to download free-to-play games. The PSN store also offers games at discounts frequently.

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