When’s the next Xbox launching? Is the new Xbox a handheld device? Find out everything.

The success and rise of the gaming industry keeps getting better every year. With new releases every year, fans have been addicted to games. Video games are available for Windows, Mobile, Xbox, and PlayStation. The growth of Xbox has been staggering and Microsoft has been doing a phenomenal job over the last 5 years. Fans are curious to find the next Xbox console device. Leaks about the next Xbox have been doing the rounds on social media.

Jez Corden, the editor of Windows Central, has revealed a massive piece of news about the upcoming Xbox device. According to Jez, the upcoming Xbox will be a next-gen console and it will also feature a handheld device. It’s also said that the Xbox will be launched as a ‘Reference Device’ with a new windows slant. This is something new from Microsoft as they are keen on attracting more users.

Next Xbox – Everything You Need to Know

The next Xbox console will be a reference device for manufacturers and will be launched just like the Surface Pro 11 and PC. The upcoming Xbox will also inspire manufacturers to launch their own versions of the console and this will be a new strategy from Microsoft that they have never attempted. 

Next Xbox
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Microsoft has come up with a different strategy to launch a handheld Xbox device in 2025 or 2026 and this will be a tactical move to overtake their rivals, Sony. Surface Pro 11 is also getting launched as a reference device for AI PCS and the next Xbox device will follow the same pattern as well. 

When Will the new Xbox Release?

As of now, there’s no update about the new Xbox launch date. Microsoft is working on multiple devices and ideas. The tentative release date for the handheld Xbox device is between 2025 – 2027. More updates regarding the upcoming Xbox device will be revealed by Microsoft in the coming weeks along with the name of the console.

What Games will be added to the New Xbox?

Many Xbox-exclusive games will be added to the new Xbox library once the device is launched. Also, Steam games will be added including PlayStation exclusives like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us. There’s a lot of time for the launch of the next Xbox console and more updates regarding games will be revealed in the coming months.

What’s the Price of the New Xbox?

Microsoft has just started working on the new Xbox handheld device. The upcoming Xbox device will be a reference device and the price is expected to be higher than the current Xbox consoles. 

That’s everything you need to know about the next Xbox release date and updates. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


Will the upcoming Xbox be launched as a handheld device?

Yes, as per the latest updates, the new Xbox device will be a handheld device and it’s also said that two versions of the console will be available in the market.

What games are expected in the upcoming Xbox?

The new Xbox will only be launched after 2025 and the team of Microsoft has just started working on it. It’s expected that some popular games from the steam library will be available.

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