“Runaway GOAT” – Skip Bayless explains who is the GOAT between Michael Jordan and LeBron James


Skip Bayless explained his argument for the greatest of all-time tag in the NBA, and made his choice between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

The Los Angeles Lakers went up against the Oklahoma City Thunder in their latest outing at the Crypto.com Arena on Tuesday. While the Lakers who have been struggling recently wanted a win first and foremost on their agenda, LeBron James approached the game as one to win – as well as one where he possibly overtakes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to create NBA history.

skip bayless on Lebron James
LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Over his career spanning across two decades in the NBA, LeBron James has created and broken multiple records to get to where he is right now. While he currently is the only player in NBA history to have 10,000 points, assists and rebounds and also features in the top ten of both all-time charts for points and assists – he only had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s scoring record to break.

And as LeBron James hit the Thunder with a fadeaway jump shot with the seconds ticking off near the end of the third quarter, history was made as LeBron overtook Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the highest scorer of all time in the NBA. LeBron created history in his own right, and strengthened his argument even further in the discussion for the greatest player of all time.

However, Skip Bayless does not think that LeBron is quite the undisputed greatest to ever play the sport – as he named Michael Jordan as the greatest and gave his reasons for it.

What reason did Skip Bayless give as he claimed Michael Jordan to be the greatest basketball player of all time?

Skip Bayless, an NBA analyst and a notorious detractor of LeBron James claimed Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time and not LeBron.

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LeBron James in action for the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday

Tweeting on his official Twitter account following the game, Bayless wrote: “LeBron has played 338 more games than MJ did. Yet MJ won 10 scoring titles to LBJ’s 1. MJ: 3 steals titles to LBJ’s 0. MJ: DPOY & 9-time 1st team all D to LBJ’s 5. MJ 5-4 in MVPs. MJ 6-0 in Finals, 6 MVPs. MJ averaged 8 assists in ’89. MJ FTs 84% to LBJ’s 74. MJ: RUNAWAY GOAT.”

Regardless of who the greatest of all time is, LeBron will be happy to finally break a record that he has been closing in on for a long time.

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