Stephen Curry is unquestionably one of the most potent basketball players. He was awarded the NBA’s Most Valuable Player for the second year, becoming the first player to get a unanimous vote. Even yet, his outstanding success was eclipsed by his endearing pint-sized buddy.

In a recent video clip that has been doing the rounds on social media, Stephen Curry and his daughter Riley are seen at a press conference together back in 2015. Riley Curry, who was just 2 years old at the time, charmed the Internet with her adorable nature.

Riley stalked about the room, hamming it up for the cameras by signalling reporters that she had her eyes on them while sporting her trademark buns and a little grey pullover.

And all eyes were on Curry’s biggest fan, who hasn’t been as visible in post-game news conferences over the past few seasons.

“If my kids aren’t as awesome as Riley Curry, I’m returning them,” one adoring Twitter user commented in response to her most recent performance.

Others called her a “legend” who deserved to be named MVP.

Riley made the most of her time in the limelight after becoming the face of the Warriors’ 2015 championship run and appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with Curry.

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"She's only two, it's the craziest thing" - When Stephen Curry's daughter Riley starred during a post game press conference 2

Regarding her well-known father, Stephen Curry won all 131 of the first-place votes, including 130 from a group of sportswriters and broadcasters and one from a tally of fan votes, to win MVP for the second consecutive season.

Curry is now one of just two players to win their respective sports’ MVP award unanimously, joining Wayne Gretzky (1982 Hart Trophy winner) and Tom Brady (2010 NFL MVP).

“Be quiet,” she instructs her father, who only responds to a reporter’s query. Her statements elicited laughter from the audience, which undoubtedly spurred her to be cuter.

Riley couldn’t stay still on Steph’s lap, but it was probably long beyond her bedtime. She threw out a giant yawn and even stretched her arms out, nearly striking the athlete in the face to demonstrate how exhausted she was. She had barely missed him, but it didn’t stop her from wiping her face.

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