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SENTRY Early Access is here for players to experience and it seems like a great new twist on the typical shooting game.

SENTRY Early Access it’s been marketed as a defense action first person shooter game. The plot of the game is centered on the spaceship within invading aliens.

The game is just out in its early access form, and it seems like an Indie studio has done a great job in bringing this game to life. It seems like the players will have access to a ton of weaponry traps and can use the environment for their advantage as they know the map.

SENTRY Early Access
SENTRY Early Access Cover

SENTRY Early Access- The Premise of Early Access Games

The thing about early access games is that as soon as the game is in a playable form, the developers released the game and it’s unreleased final form so that players can first-hand experience how the game might look in the future.

This will help the developers update the game before the final release and fix any bugs and patch the gameplay as players get to experience the game more and more. The gameplay can be tuned, the difficulty can be adjusted and any more bugs or issues the game might face in the future can be fixed before its final form.

On paper this game looks like a typical first-person shooter, the graphics of this game follow an artistic comic book style without too much realism. This is one way of reducing the ESRB rating for the game due to excessive violence. Since the early access is not a complete version of the game the reviews might vary over time. As the game develops the game will get better and the players might also experience the best form of the game once it’s released in it’s full version.

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SENTRY Early Access Gameplay

SENTRY Early Access- Developers Notes

The developers mentioned that century early access will be like any other double paste defense game. The AI intelligence and also the feeling of claustrophobia and loneliness might be highlighted in this game.

Their previous game is also released in an early axis form and eventually when the full game was released it made the best of the community suggestions and changes and it was released accordingly. SENTRY early access might also follow the same formula that the developers used in their earlier game and their intention is to deliver a product that is free of bugs and other gameplay nuances.

Please keep in mind that the final version of the game might be drastically different than the early access version of the game as this is just a skeletal framework of the game while the meat and other stuff might be added in the final version of the game depending on the community feedback.

As of now this early access can be enjoyed for a couple of hours and can be considered a demo version of the game. In a time where demo versions are very scarce this might be one of the best ways developers can release their game before launching their final product.

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SENTRY Early Access Screenshot

All in all, it depends on how the community supports this SENTRY early access version of the game and how the developers consider that and eventually evolve the game to be a better version of itself.

Indie games are on the rise and players are always supporting these titles. For example, Stardew Valley has hit an all-time high in player count. To read more about it, click here.

What platform is SENTRY Early Access available on?

SENTRY Early Access is available on Steam as of now.

What genre is SENTRY Early Access

SENTRY Early Access is a tower defense game with first person shooting mechanics.

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