Best Indie Games on the Nintendo Switch 2022


Check out our list of the Best Indie Games that you can play on your Nintendo Switch in 2022. Entertaining games with exciting Artwork and Music.

With its inventive control options and processing power, the Nintendo Switch is a perfect platform for indie games, and the best Switch indie titles make the most of both in their own distinctive ways. There’s something on the list for everyone, from survival games that will teach you how to stay alive if you’re left in a frigid wilderness to difficult puzzle games.

The best Nintendo Switch indie games create thrilling and unique experiences, proving that you don’t need to be a multibillion-dollar firm to make great games in 2022. Indie games have always been a space for pushing boundaries and trying new things, and this list showcases the best of what the industry has to offer right now. Without further delay, here is our list of the Best Nintendo Switch Indie Games.

Best Nintendo Switch Indie Games 2022

We keep this list up to date as new games come out, so you can be sure you’re getting the greatest Switch indie games every time you visit. The ten best Nintendo Switch games to play in 2022 are listed below.

1. Hades

If you like games that are super-stylish, devilishly enjoyable, and wicked difficult, Hades is the next Switch indie game for you. Hades is an isometric action RPG in which you must escape the Greek underworld, and you will become accustomed to dying quickly while playing it. Death, coupled with thundering music and fully fleshed-out, superbly voice-acted characters, is a natural aspect of Hades. You won’t be able to forget these characters, who you can only connect with by dying over and over. Even if the goal is to leave, Hades will seize you and bring you to the underworld, and you will not want to.

2. Hollow Knight

This award-winning 2018 game, Hollow Knight, is still worth your time, especially because it’s one of the best Metroidvanias ever created. The dark and difficult game transports you to a beautiful world filled with insects, knights, and odd NPCs. Even when the jump puzzles and fighting have you sweating in your seat, Hallownest is a world you’ll want to get lost in. Assist a silent insect knight in connecting the dots of fate and immerse yourself in an equally gorgeous story and setting. There are also extra campaigns to explore once you’ve completed the main plot.

3. Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is similar to Animal Crossing: New Horizons and will satisfy the same cuteness craving. If you find yourself stranded on an island inhabited by ghost bears, you can assist them with various jobs, plant trees and flowers, gather resources, and adorn your campsite with themed goods. The goal is to repair your boat and return home, but you’ll quickly forget about that as you become fixated on finishing your fish collection or finding the latest fashionable clothing.

4. Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game began as an internet meme and evolved into one of the most talked-about videogames of our time. You can find out why by playing the Switch version, which puts you in control of one of the game’s most annoying protagonists.

5. Islanders

This peaceful city-building game ISLANDERS is quite relaxing. You assume command of a series of randomly generated islands, strategically erecting buildings and monuments before progressing to larger areas if you perform well enough. It has a laid-back vibe because of its low-pressure and beautiful visual identity, which is complemented by low-fi music.

6. Heaven’s Vault

In this captivating adventure, you take on the role of an archaeologist finding clues of an old civilization and gradually interpreting its language as you uncover more words and interesting sites. Heaven’s Vault is engrossing and beautifully written, and it’s a joy to play through.

7. Gris

Gris is a masterclass in subtle storytelling and evocative art design, with a solid base of imaginative platforming and deft puzzle-solving thrown in for good measure. If you want to be reminded of how lovely video games can be, this is the indie game to play. Gris is a feeling that must be seen to appreciate, its universe to be conquered a stand-in for the complexities of mourning. While the game’s clever platforming and light puzzle aspects are fun on their own, it’s the ambiance, soundtrack, and highly personal character of Gris that make it worth investigating for indie fans looking for a more quiet, introspective experience.

8. Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a tough Roguevania that is well worth your sweat, tears, and blood. Its sprawling, interconnected environment is stunning, the platforming and combat are smooth, and there’s much to discover and gather to keep you coming back for more. Dead Cells is brutally tough in a way that makes you blame yourself every time you fail, thanks to endless streams of opponents eager to perma-kill you. And you’ll keep failing, whispering “one more attempt” again and over until you’ve learned enough lessons to succeed. Dead Cells permadeaths by combining and mastering the best features of its parent genres, rouge-lites and Metroidvanias.

9. Spiritfarer

This is a soulful game about, well, souls. You play as a ferryman to the dead, but Spiritfarer is really about learning to accept and come to terms with death. It’s a moderate management sim that’s enjoyable to play, but don’t forget your tissues because it gets rather emotional at times!

10. Raji: An Ancient Epic

Last year, Indian developer Nodding Head released Raji: An Ancient Epic on Nintendo Switch, and it’s an extremely gorgeous action-adventure game set in ancient India. You take on the role of Raji, a young woman destined by the gods to protect the planet from demons. The artwork is based on Indian mythology such as the Ramayana and medieval Indian architecture, and it truly is a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Raji will keep you interested at every round with a battle that needs you to be tactful and pick between weapons like a Trishul or a bow for each combat scenario.

This was our list of the best Nintendo Switch Indie Games you can play in 2022. This list was based on personal opinion and can be changed at any time. With the upcoming release of so many more indie games, it is looking to be a bright year.

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