Rust Waves of Change Update Explained


Rust Waves of Change is here with this massive update that includes a lot of content and quality of life improvements in the game.

If players are not familiar with Rust Waves of Change, this game takes inspiration from the Robinson Crusoe books and the Cast Away Movie. The main goal of this game is to survive by any means necessary.

There are a multitude of surprises in the game that might help you or hunt you down. The Wildlife and Inhabitants are just a few of the obstacles that the player needs to address. Survival is the only target in this beautiful game.

Rust Waves of Change
Rust Waves of Change Cover

Rust Waves of Change- New Content in Rust Update

There are a lot of updates in this game show let us go over it in detail. Firstly the game has introduced cargo ship docking which supports the talking process and it can help players store ships according to their collection. The harbours also have like a island with a rotating bridge for easy transportation purposes.

To move the containers in the ship you can use the cranes which help move the shipment. This can only happen once this ship is docked. The best part about this feature is the cargo ship replenishes the loot every 10 minutes for three times.

The next feature in the Rust Waves of Change Update is the introduction of oil rigs which are getting a huge makeover this month.  The oil rig will add a path for three floors.

Additionally, a mini gun has been added to the game which can be used by heavy scientists. Like with every mini gun it takes a few seconds to charge up but is deadly when charged at enemies. On the other hand, there’s also a keyboard which can store tools in this DLC.

This can be used as a loot box for the storage of resources. If you want more fire-based weaponry do not worry as the developers have added a military flame thrower to the game which can be used by heavy scientists again.

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Rust Waves of Change Gameplay

Coming to the traversal part, the developers have improved how patrol helicopters move in the game. This includes how and the movement is In Sync especially when it comes to strafing and shooting. Additionally, players can also have access to the Rust Retro TC skin. All these details basically covered the Rust major update details.

When is the Next Rust Update?

Rust Waves of Change has already released a lot of content in this update. And it seems like players will be satisfied with this update for a very long time. On top of that the developers also made sure to fix a lot of bugs and issues that have been affecting this game in the past.

The next update might be another huge one but there’s a very high chance that we would not get it anytime soon. As of now it is best to enjoy this game as it is because it is one of the most underrated titles that has been released in the last couple of years.

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Rust Waves of Change Screenshot

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What is the release date of Rust?

Rust was released back in Feb of 2018.

What genre is Rust?

Rust is a space survival game with elements of exploration and open world activities.

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