What is the net worth of WWE star Roman Reigns in 2022?


Roman Reigns is one of the biggest names in WWE and here is all about his net worth, family, salary, career and more

Roman Reigns Facts

Net Worth (2022)$13million
Salary (2022)$2million
Date of Birth25 May 1985

Roman Reigns, real name Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoa’i, is one of the top stars in WWE and comes from a prestigious wrestling background.

However, that shouldn’t hide the fact that he is one of the most talented wrestlers in the promotion. Reigns made it big when he appeared with The Shield (Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) but he created his own place in WWE after the team broke up.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose (L) and Roman Reigns during SummerSlam 2015 (Image credit: Getty)

While the 35-year-old has won several titles in WWE, he has had a few hardships too. Reigns once broke his nose thanks to a kick from Sheamus and needed surgery. He has also battled Leukaemia during his career and missed a chunk of the 2018-19 campaign dealing with its return.

He is back to his best now and also seems to be the best shape of his life.

Roman Reigns Net worth and salary

Roman Reigns has a reported net worth of $13million in the year 2022. He is one of the top stars in WWE and the wrestling world and earns a salary of close to $2million per year.

That figure should increase further as he still has several quality years left in him and is a multi-time WWE champion.

Roman Reigns Early career

Reigns played a lot of college football before deciding to become a wrestler. In the 2007 NFL draft, he went undrafted before getting quick releases from the Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Roman Reigns tried to get into the NFL
MINNEAPOLIS – 2007: Joe Anoai of the Minnesota Vikings poses for his 2007 NFL headshot at photo day in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Getty Images)

He played one season with the Edmonton Eskimos in the Canadian Football League before retiring from football.

Reigns then signed for WWE’s developmental circuits and made his debut for FCW in 2010 under the name of Roman Leakee.

Reigns had a few battles on FCW, alongside Rollins and Ambrose, before turning into a heel on the rebranded NXT.

Roman Reigns WWE career

Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose all made their debuts on the main roster during Survivor Series 2012 as they helped CM Punk keep his title.

The Shield were villains but turned face later on only for Rollins to stab them in the back and join Triple H.

Goldberg and Roman Reigns faced-off on this week's SmackDown ahead of their battle at WrestleMania 36
Roman Reigns withdrew from his bout against Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 (WWE)

The split of the Shield allowed Reigns to branch out and win several titles during his time on both brands.

Reigns is a three-time WWE Champion, two-time Universal Champion and has won the US, Intercontinental and Tag titles once each.

He is the 28th Triple Crown and 9th Grand Slam Champion in WWE and has also won the Royal Rumble and many other crowns.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman teamed up before Payback
Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman on SmackDown (WWE)

While he missed out on the 2020 WrestleMania as he didn’t want to risk his family during the Coronavirus pandemic, he returned later at SummerSlam and became a Paul Heyman guy.

Reigns won the WWE Universal title in a triple threat match at WWE Payback and has defended the title ever since.

Roman Reigns Family and relationships

Roman Reigns comes the Anoa’i wrestling family and several current and former wrestlers are his relatives.

Is Roman Reigns related to the Rock?

Reigns is related to The Rock, Rikishi, The Usos, Tonga Kid, Umaga and Yokozuna. He is also related to Rosey and his father, Sika Anoa’i were also part of WWE.

The Big Dog married Galina Joelle Becker in 2014 and has one daughter and four sons.

FAQs On Roman Reigns

Is Roman Reigns The Rock cousin?

No blood relation between Reigns and The Rock. The Anoa’i family is one of the most decorated wrestling families in the history of the sport. Many champions have come through its lineage and Reigns is the grandson of Amituanai. Considering that Amituanai and Peter were blood brothers, the Rock and Reigns are cousins.

Who is Roman Reigns best friend?

R-Truth is one of Roman Reigns’ best friends

Is Roman Reigns a Twin?

No, he is not a twin. However, Roman and his wife Galina have five kids together. They have two sets of twin children and 5 children overall.

Is Yokozuna related to Roman Reigns

WWF legend Yokozuna is the cousin of Roman Reigns, who made his wrestling debut in 1984

Who is Roman Reigns real brother?

Matthew Tapunu’u Anoa’i is the real brother of Roman Reigns. He is also known as Rosey.

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