Roblox Demon Slayer Legacy Breathing Tier List – September 2022


Bringing you another latest tier list for Breathing techniques from Roblox Demon Slayer Legacy, hope you find it helpful.

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Roblox Legacy Breathing Tier

There are a total of 7 types of Breathing techniques in the game. Moreover, all of these are inspired by the anime Demon Slayer. In the anime, these are rare Sword techniques passed on to only one successor.

S TierThunder Breathing
A TierBeast Breathing, Mist Breathing, Serpent Breathing
B TierInsect Breathing, Love Breathing
C TierSound Breathing

Roblox Legacy Breathing Tier list Breakdown

S Tier

Thunder Breathing S tier | Mediareferee
The best Breathing technique

Thunder Breathing

This is the absolute best breathing technique you can get in Demon Slayer Legacy. This is the breathing technique of Thunder Pillar, a Former Hashira. That mimics the Lightning and swift movements that tear through the skies. Passive for this technique allows Attacks to stun for 2 seconds. You can learn this technique from Zenitsu. Travel to the rice fields and complete the quest during the rain.

Moves in Thunder Breathing

  • Thunderclap and flash – in this move players sheathe their sword in an instant.
  • Rice spirit – effect of this move makes players slash multiple times to create a ball of slashes.
  • Distant Thunder – player dash their sword toward the enemy, performing a thrusting stab.
  • Rumble and Flash – this move will make you charge forward in a zig-zag pattern; you can slam down the opponent like thunder. 

A Tier

Beast Breathing

Beast is a common breathing technique that can do a lot of damage in the game. In its Tenth Fang, players can attack anything nearby with their blades. It can deal 6 hits. The passive ability for this technique is quite handy in low HP, the damage output that players can deal with increases.

  • Fourth Fang – this move makes you move forward with both swords; swinging both swords protects them from moderate damage.
  • Whirling Fangs – causes you to move forward, slashing the enemy and causing great damage.
  • Crazy Cutting – will enable you to swing your blades, creating a tornado that hatendso deal with great damage.
  • Sixth Fang or Sudden Throwing Strike makes users throw both their swords forward to deal with the moderate damage.

Mist Breathing

This breathing technique is common and more support oriented. Also provides helpful defensive and offensive buffs to players. In its seventh form, players can create a massive mist around a certain area. This will allow players to become invisible. The passive ability of this breathing technique allows players a 50% chance to disappear for 2.25 seconds every time they use a move.

Serpent Breathing

If you master serpent breathing you can perform better at creating serpents when using this technique. The main focus of the technique is twisting and bending the sword to cause damage.

  • Kaburamaru’s Children – summons the snake companion of players to release venomous poison to stun the opponent.
  • Slithering Strike – enables you to summon the snake to move forward at a very fast speed.
  • Coil Bind – ties the enemy and makes them unable to move; it is a very useful move to attack the opponent.
  • Slithering Serpent – includes a flowing dance by moving forward, which is surrounded by fellow snakes.

B Tier

Insect Breathing b tier | Mediareferee
Insect and Love Breathing

Insect Breathing

The technique mimics insect-like movements, sting, and firmness. If you fancy this breathing technique, you can get it from the Butterfly estate from Shinobu Kocho.This is a common breathing technique that provides a medium amount of damage.

  • Butterfly Dance – releases poison toward the opponent while moving forward, unleashing a cloud of butterflies.
  • Dance of the Bee Sting –  involves doing two somersaults backward and then moving forward, unleashing poison on the opponent.
  • Dance of the Dragon Fly – makes players move forward, swinging the sword to inject poison into the enemy.
  • The Dance of a Centipede – enables players to move forward to a short distance creating afterimages of the players and attacking.

Love Breathing

Using this technique you can create pink strikes created by Mitsuri Kanroji based on the emotion of love. It provides players with flexibility and creates strong blows to fight the enemy. Make sure you have a whip-like katana to use these techniques. This is another common breathing technique. Its passive ability provides a 10% damage increase in long-ranged attacks.

  • Shivers of first love – make you dash forward and wind around the target. This attack has a larger radius than any other attack in Love Breathing.
  • Love Pangs – enables you to unleash various AOE whip slashes. The final hit is the strongest.
  • Catlove Shower – is a trick in which the player wraps enemies in a sword and then sends them flying in the air. You need to remember that it is a close-range technique.

C Tier

Sound Breathing  C tier| Mediareferee
The weakest Breathing Technique

Sound Breathing

It is a common breathing technique where players can explode dealing area of effect damage and slash the enemy. Tengen created this unique technique, and thus can only be used with specific weaponry. 

  • Roar – involves you raising your swords and then slamming them down with great force. This will create an explosion with an air bomb to cause damage.
  • Constant Resounding Slashes – make users hold their swords and spin them rapidly, releasing the bombs.
  • In String Performance – you hold one sword moving forward and swing the other one attached with a chain creating damage.

This concludes our Demon Slayer Legacy Breathing Tier List.

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