Roblox Anime Fruit Simulator Codes (March 2023)


Looking for the latest Roblox Anime Fruit Simulator codes? We have listed all the active and latest codes for you here.

Roblox’s Anime Fruit Simulator is developed by Obtain for the platform. In this game, you’ll be fighting opponents on several planets to collect coins in this game. Spend that money on pets that will accompany you on your quest or spins for fresh fruit. To become the best player in the world, focus on fusing equipment, obtaining boss drops, and unlocking every world. If you are looking for these codes to redeem your freebies, you can check out our list of here.

What are Anime Fruit Simulator Codes?

Anime Fruit Simulator Codes
Anime Fruit Simulator

The creator of the game offers Roblox Anime Simulator codes as freebies. After redeeming these tickets, in addition to gaining freebies, you advance in the game by leveling up and upgrading your cosmetic items. They provide you with Spins, Gems, and Coins which help you progress in the game and provide you with in-game currencies to buy game items. Here is a list of all active codes.

Anime Fruit Simulator Latest Codes

These are all the latest working codes for Anime Fruit Simulator

  • 100KLIKES—Redeem for 100,000 cash and 150 Gems (NEW)

Roblox Anime Fruit Simulator Expired Codes

These are the codes that no longer work. However, you can give it a shot and try your luck if it still works.

  • 60KLIKES – Redeem to get 75,000 in cash and 125 gems
  • 30KLIKES – 50,000 Cash, 100 Gems
  • 10KLIKES – 50,000 Cash, 100 Gems
  • 5KLIKES – 5,000 Cash, 125 Gems

These codes have been out for a while so there are chances that many codes may not work as they are expired. However, you can try your luck by adding these codes correctly to see which code works to redeem. Try entering your codes again after restarting the game if any of them aren’t working; if they still don’t work, the codes might have run out of time. Recheck your spelling and make sure you put your codes in the correct case because Roblox is also case-sensitive (i.e., capital or small letters).

How To Redeem Codes In Anime Fruit Simulator

Anime Fruit Simulator Codes
Anime Fruit Simulator

In order to redeem the codes you have to follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • Start the game, and complete the quick tutorial.
  • Put the code in the box marked “Codes” in the bottom left corner of the display.
  • Enter the code with the right spelling and enjoy your freebies!

Where to find more Anime Fruit Simulator codes?

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Roblox Anime Fruit Simulator Codes (March 2023) 4

Anime Simulator frequently releases new codes to mark milestones like a certain number of likes or new upgrades, so stay up to date with the game’s latest codes. You can follow Anime Fruit Simulator on their official social media accounts and Discord channels to stay up to date on all the most recent codes at that point so you can take advantage of all the game’s bonuses.

These are all of the Roblox Anime Fruit Simulator working codes. Enjoy the benefits of your freebies and make sure to use them before they expire. We will keep you updated with the recent codes and you can also check out other Roblox games we’ve provided for you here.

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