Former NXT Champion Rhea Ripley had to visit the doctor after an ear injury against Io Shirai

Rhea Ripley took on Io Shirai for the WWE NXT Women’s title on this week’s show. Ripley is a former champion and was keen on getting the gold back from the impressive Shirai.

While the two women put on a show, it was Shirai that got the win in the end. Ripley also congratulated Shirai after the match and shared a moment of respect with the Japanese star but the Aussie had to visit the doctor too.

Rhea Ripley is a former NXT Champion
Rhea Ripley is a former NXT Women’s Champion (WWE)

Ripley seemed to have injured her ear during the match and was bleeding a bit too. However, The Nightmare soldiered on and put on quite an impressive display.

NXT released their latest injury report and it didn’t sound too good for Ripley. The report claimed that the Nightmare as she ended up with multiple contusions and abrasions on both ears due to five earrings getting ripped off during the match.

The Nightmare then confirmed that doctors had to remove bits of her ear and claimed this was very strange:

Shirai came out relatively unscathed from the clash as she only had whiplash and neck soreness.

Toughened up

Ripley is one of the toughest females in WWE and she proved it once again. She has several ear piercings and it is possible that some of them got ripped out during the clash.

The blood could be seen on her left arm during the clash and hopefully, she will be back in action soon.

Io Shirai is a Japanese NXT star
Io Shirai is the current NXT Women’s Champion (WWE)

Shirai vs Ripley was a clash that should have been on a PPV and it will be interesting to see if they meet up again.

There are others who are keen on getting the NXT Women’s title but Shirai has done a great job defending it.

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