Are you confused about the Pokemon Unite Rank System? Do not worry, our guide will explain you everything in detail below.

The MOBA Pokemon Unite is designed for solo or group play with up to 5 players. Depending on the player’s preference, Quick, Standard, or Ranked matches will be available. A casual and fun-filled experience is offered by Quick and Standard game modes, while Ranked matches allow players to move up a hierarchical ladder of Classes and Ranks through competitive contests. Even though it is more challenging, it also offers a number of benefits and is not without fruitfulness.

Each season in Pokemon Unite concludes with rewards fitting the players’ standing. Players are rewarded with a greater prize at the end of each season, the most valuable of which are Aeos Tickets. In Pokemon Unite, players use these rewards to purchase various beneficial items that enhance their abilities, making them a precious commodity. Players should prioritize improving things to boost their Pokemon well above their base potential, making them more powerful, even though they can also purchase cosmetics and skins. Keeping all these things in mind, we are here to explain to you the Pokemon Unite Rank System. 

How to unlock Rank System

The first thing you need to do is unlock the rank system. So how to do it? The first thing you need to do is reach Trainer Level 6. Reaching trainer level 6 should not take more than an hour or two. To reach trainer level 6, head to standard mode and engage in random battles there.

Due to the fact that this is unranked, there is no pressure, and it is also great practice for when you actually go into ranked matches. It is important to note that you will still be required to own at least five Pokemon to be able to play Ranked Match. You can buy Pokemon from the Pokemon Unite store with Gems or Aeos Coins.

You will also need at least 79 Fair Play Points in order to participate in Ranked Match games. Pokemon Unite uses Fair Play points to measure your reputation in the game and make sure players don’t behave in a toxic way. You’ll lose Fair Play Points for quitting matches before they’re over or idling, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Successfully completing matches awards you with fair play points. 

Pokemon Unite Rank System Explained

Ranks and Classes are the two elements of the ranking system you need to be familiar with and understand once you reach the Ranked Match system. Pokemon Unite consists of six ranks: Beginner, Great, Expert, Veteran, Ultra, and Master. Every rank has its own cup, and each cup is active for a season. As your progress will only be counted within each season, the rewards may vary accordingly.

It is important to note that each rank has a number of classes. To rise to the next rank, you will need to rise through those classes first. 

  • Beginner: There are 3 classes and you will need 9 points to rank up.
  • Great: There are 4 classes and you will need 12 points to rank up.
  • Expert, Great, & Veteran: There are 5 classes and you will need 15 points to rank up.
  • Master: There are no classes, just Ranking.
Pokemon Unite gameplay
Pokemon Unite gameplay

Based on your performance, you’ll slowly advance up the cup tiers if you win, but if you lose, you’ll be demoted down one. The current cup ranking will determine your opponents; you’ll match up with players with similar skill levels. You simply need to win matches in order to level up a class.

Your next class is determined by how many points you earn through winning matches, and how many points you lose through losing matches. Essentially, you’ll be ranked higher if you consistently win more than you lose. In the Master Rank, there are no classes, but rather a new ranking system that uses victory points to rank players in a more granular fashion.

Rank Rewards

Furthermore, the broader rewards you’ll receive based on progressing up the ranking ladder in any season go beyond EXP, Aeos Coins and Aeos Energy. Aeos Tickets, especially those belonging to the Elite and above ranks, are worth thousands of dollars at the very least – and five figures for those who reach the higher end of Elite. It is possible to customize your trainer’s appearance by using Aeos Tickets in the Aeos Emporium. This is a base reward, but some other rewards may also apply depending on the season.

Pokemon Unite gameplay
Pokemon Unite gameplay

This was everything about the Pokemon Unite Rank System. Once you understand it properly, then you can take a good advantage of it. 

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