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Check out the new release date of Payday 3 in our guide. You can also find out more about the characters, Gameplay details and more right here!

Payday 3 is an upcoming first-person shooter game from the developers of Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios. Payday 3, the official sequel to Payday 2 and Payday The Heist, has been getting delayed for a while. The game is published by Prime Matter and the latest official teaser trailer has confirmed the release date for the much-awaited fps video game. Here’s all you need to know about the Payday 3 Release Date, Characters, Platform, Gameplay, Storyline, Trailer, and more from our latest guide here. 

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Payday 3 Official Release Date

The new Payday 3 teaser trailer glimpse has confirmed that the game will be live in summer 2023. This confirms that the game will be released in a couple of weeks. An official release date for Payday 3 will also be out in the upcoming days. Payday 3 comes as a trilogy to Payday The Heist from the popular Payday series. 

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Payday 3 – Story, Gameplay, Characters, and More

Payday 3 will straight away begin where its predecessor Payday 2 ended. The Payday gang is all set to resume their crime works and the Heisters will be on a new mission in the world of Newyork. Payday Gang’s crimes and robbery will begin at the Gold & Sharke Incorporated Bank. The game takes place in 2020 and the majority of the game’s missions will also start at the Gold and Sharke Incorporated bank. Get ready for an amazing action adventure once the game goes live officially and soon.

There will be many new features and there will also be scope for surveillance and cryptocurrency elements. This will be the first of its kind from the makers of Payday 3. The primary characters for this version will be Chains, Wolf, Hoxton, and Dallas. These 4 will mark the return of the original gang from the Payday series. The other primary characters for Payday 3 include Jiro, Ethan, Bonnie, Vernon Locke, Dragan, and Sokol.

A new gameplay trailer for Payday 3 is getting ready and it will also be showcased sooner than expected. You can witness more about the game’s stories and characters in the upcoming trailer.

Who can Play Payday 3?

Payday 3, the multiplayer shooter game will be compatible with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Windows, Linux, and Xbox Series X/S initially. More consoles/platforms will be compatible with the game based on the success and reviews. Payday 2 was launched for many platforms owing to its success. The same strategy is set to be implemented for Payday 3. Those asking Payday 3 for mobile, the answer is no as there’s no plan for a mobile version of the game and the developers of Payday 3 are also not in a mood to launch the game for mobile currently.

Check the new glimpse that was launched recently by the team of Payday 3 that will take you deep into the world of Payday 3,

That’s everything you need to know about Payday 3 release date updates, trailer, gameplay, platforms, and characters in our guide. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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