Pacific Drive Length Duration – How Long to Beat Pacific Drive?


This article discusses about how long to beat Pacific Drive and the game’s length and duration.

Pacific Drive is a game that players should not miss because of its gripping gameplay, compelling plot, and atmospheric presentation. It provides a remarkable and fulfilling gaming experience.

How long to Beat Pacific Drive- Pacific Drive Review

A fascinating and immersive gaming experience situated in the mysterious Olympic Exclusion Zone can be found at Pacific Drive. In order to escape the secrets of the Zone, players must upgrade their vehicle, hunt for materials, and negotiate hazardous environments in this driving simulation game with roguelike elements.

Its wide range of anomalies makes gaming interesting and novel while pushing players to think creatively and strategically in the face of constantly changing obstacles. The excellent soundtrack of the game, which includes songs from bands from the Pacific Northwest, adds to the overall mood of suspense and immersion.

How Long to Beat Pacific Drive
Pacific Drive Cover

How long to Beat Pacific Drive- Pacific Drive Background

The first game by Ironwood Studios, Pacific Drive is a bizarre and captivating driving/survival game that, thanks to its high-risk, high-reward gameplay, transports players to unexpected locations. Pacific Drive is one of the most creative and rewarding survival games in years, despite the odd misstep.

Pacific Drive is a fascinating first-person single-player game that takes players on a leisurely journey across the stunning Pacific Northwest region of North America. However, the game’s plot takes an unexpected turn toward the bizarre at times. The terrain has become unstable due to bizarre scientific experiments, and as reality crumbles around them, it will be up to the driver and their ever-improved car to live.

How long to Beat Pacific Drive- Pacific Drive Optional Content

There is side content in Pacific Drive, although it’s unclear if it takes the kind of full-fledged story side missions or just hidden collectible objects. It seems the company went to tremendous headaches to boost the immersion and storytelling components of the game, with a mystery setting and oddities to explore.

pacific drive guide
Pacific Drive Screenshot

The game’s storyline is given further depth by the seamless integration of storytelling into the action through optional story insights and captivating audio logs. Although Pacific Drive can be difficult at times, players of all skill levels can still enjoy it because to its adjustable difficulty settings.

How long to Beat Pacific Drive- Pacific Drive Length

While advancing through the game’s story and progressively unstable places, the variety of challenges never seemed to get boring. The story, according to Ironwood Studios, can be finished in about fifteen hours. If you only concentrate on the story and narrative aspects of Pacific Drive, it will take you about 15 to 20 hours to finish the game.

However, you can expect to spend at least 30 hours finishing the game if you want to go for 100% completion with all side material and discoverable aspects. How long to beat Pacific Drive really depends on the player’s pace and schedule.

Furthermore, because of the roguelite style and randomized creation, every game replay is distinct, which could mean longer gameplay sessions for players who want to experience everything the game has to offer. In the end, how long to beat Pacific Drive will depend on the player’s tastes and the degree of completion they want to reach.

Screenshot 2024 02 25 152424
Pacific Drive Gameplay

When is Pacific Drive releasing?

Pacific Drive is released on the 22nd of February 2024.

Is Pacific Drive a Playstation exclusive?

On paper, Pacific Drive is a Playstation exclusive but its also available for Microsoft Windows.

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