What is Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearl? Best Uses, tips and details


This article discusses about the Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearl and its uses and features.

Ironwood Studios created the survival game Pacific Drive, which Kepler Interactive released. The game, which takes place in the Pacific Northwest, lets players drive through the untamed landscape in the first person while going through it on foot or in a station wagon.

While players try to solve the mysteries of the abandoned research site, the game seeks to challenge them with mysterious threats in the Olympic Exclusion Zone. When Pacific Drive launches on February 22, 2024, it will be playable on Windows and the PlayStation 5. The game belongs to the survival genre and has aspects like resource gathering, crafting new gear, vehicle customization, and traversing a harsh and ever-changing environment.

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Pacific Drive Cover

Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearl Background

Dumpster Pearls from Pacific Drive are interesting objects. They will be found rather early in the game; in addition to abandoned delivery trucks or other huge containers in the exclusion zone, you might occasionally locate them in actual dumpsters. After all, with your scrapper, you can quickly remove bumpers and doors off automobiles and turn computers and radios into spare parts. Whatever it is, a Dumpster Pearl will undoubtedly not put up much of a fight.

Dumpster Pearls usually don’t contain anything revolutionary, but if you come across one in the wild, it’s still a good idea to stick to it because you can use it to make crafts. They resemble a tiny treasure trove found in nature.

Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearl – How to open?

First of all, don’t try to open a Dumpster Pearl on Pacific Drive while you’re still in the dangerous area. Rather, put it in the trunk of your car and hold off until you get back to your garage.

When you’ve returned safely, find your Matter Deconstructor. It’s usually located close to the door of the room where your fabrication station is located. Put the Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearl in your garage locker if you haven’t built the Matter Deconstructor yet and keep going through the tutorial missions until you can.

When you’re prepared, approach the Matter Deconstructor with the Dumpster Pearl that you removed from your trunk. Utilize the machinery to process the Dumpster Pearl such that its contents spill out onto the ground as it breaks open.

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Pacific Drive Gameplay Screenshot

Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearl – Uses

The Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearl plays a vital function in furnishing important materials for crafting upgrades and survival necessities. These strange objects, which resemble bright blobs, are mainly obtained by engaging with Friendly Dumpsters positioned in various zones or sometimes inside particular containers as unplanned treasure.

Once obtained, the Dumpster Pearl can be used by inserting it into the Matter Deconstructor, which can be accessed through the player’s hub’s Fabrication Station. This gadget is essential for the different games.

Players need to complete a few tasks in order to build the Matter Deconstructor. These tasks include obtaining the necessary resources, such as scrap metal, gear, electronics, and stable energy, and unlocking the scanning antenna, gear, and craft mat.

Place the Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearl into the Matter Deconstructor’s inventory slot after building it and putting it in your garage. Then it will burst open, spilling precious stuff all over the floor, like steel sheets, canned food, duct tape, scrap metal, and decals to decorate your automobile.

Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearl
Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearl

When is Pacific Drive releasing?

Pacific Drive is released on the 22nd of February 2024.

Is Pacific Drive a Playstation exclusive?

On paper, Pacific Drive is a Playstation exclusive but its also available for Microsoft Windows.

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