Overwatch 2 Beta – How to Participate, Start Date, and more


Overwatch 2 beta is already out and if you do not know how to participate, we are going to give you all the details below. 

Players in Overwatch 2 choose from more than 30 established hero characters. In this FPS game, each hero has his or her own skill set, which combines active and passive abilities with a special ultimate move.

Generally, characters are classified into three classes: damage, who perform most of the team’s offense against their opponents; support, who provide healing and buffs to teammates; and tank, who have high damage and also absorbs damage for their teammates. Unlike Overwatch, Overwatch 2 primarily focuses on player versus player battles across multiple maps and modes, including both casual and ranked matchmaking.

In the weeks to come, console and PC players can participate in the Overwatch 2 beta. Those who pay for Overwatch 2 will be guaranteed a multiplayer trial, but if you sign up for the beta in time, you may receive access for free. To know more details about the Overwatch 2 beta, continue reading below.

Overwatch 2 Beta release time

If you have successfully gained the access to the beta version then you can already start playing as it has begun on 28 June. The company announced recently that Overwatch 2 will launch on Oct. 4, 2022. There will also be a number of beta test periods leading up to that date so players can try out the new heroes, new maps, and new balance changes.

According to the developers’ excitement and the lengthy duration of the first beta, Blizzard has not announced when the second Overwatch 2 beta will conclude. However, based on the length of the first beta, it could last for weeks.

How to Participate

The Overwatch 2 beta can be played by signing up via the official Overwatch 2 beta page. Once you sign up, check your email to see if you’ve received an official invite. Those who want to participate in the Overwatch beta will also need a copy of the first game on the platform on which they will be participating. If you do not own the game already, we strongly recommend picking it up if you do not.

Although developers have confirmed that not all registered players will receive an invitation to the beta, other players may be invited over time. Furthermore, future betas will have more players participating. There may also be special events like Overwatch “Beta Bash” live streams, which you’ll be able to access for watching the Overwatch League. Both of these methods were available for the first beta, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the second beta did the same.

Overwatch 2 gameplay
Overwatch 2 gameplay

Difference between the first and second Overwatch 2 Beta

There were several additions and changes in the Overwatch 2 beta that players can expect to see once the game finally releases and the PvP aspect of Overwatch is replaced by Overwatch 2. This beta served as the introduction of the new Push game mode in which players compete to push a robot to their opponents’ home base and four new maps. 

Players had the chance to test the move to the 5v5 format with one less tank hero per team, by trying out Sojourn, the new damage hero, and Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion, and Sombra reworked. Lastly, the first beta showed off a portion of the audio/visual enhancements that the sequel will bring to the original game, including sharper fidelity, improved lighting, and new sound effects.

There are several additions to the second beta, including the new tank character Junker Queen, a hybrid map called Rio, and new default looks for each character. Further tweaks and balance changes will be present in the second beta, which will run until July 18. Fans will have several weeks to see what the beta has to offer.

More about the game

Players will play against the environment in persistent modes (PvE). These will be similar to the seasonal special events, where players compete against computer-controlled opponents. Through this mode, the player can gain experience for the character they are using, and by gaining a certain level of experience, they can unlock new passive skills called talents. This will boost the character’s current abilities so that they can customize the way the character plays.

There will be at least two PvE modes in Overwatch. The first is a story-based mission mode, in which players are restricted to their hero selection and can replay missions based on Overwatch’s lore. The second is Hero missions, in which players can use just about every hero to defend various locations from waves of enemies.

Among Overwatch 2’s expected features are new levels, new multiplayer maps, and dynamic effects, such as night and day modes, weather variations, and the addition of enemies that are different from those in seasonal PvE mods. Overwatch 2 will ship with over 100 different missions, which will include new maps and new multiplayer maps as well as old multiplayer maps reimagined and expanded.

Overwatch 2 gameplay
Overwatch 2 gameplay


It is important to get access to Overwatch 2 beta first. You can do this by signing up for the beta with your Battle.net account and email address on the Overwatch 2 PvP beta website. Even though Blizzard has already sent out beta invites, it plans to continue rolling them out until July 15. If you don’t end up receiving an invitation to this particular beta before it ends, you’re very likely to receive invitations to future betas.

If you’re interested in a special edition of Overwatch 2 with instant access to the PvP beta, you can purchase Overwatch Watchpoint Pack. Moreover, the Watchpoint Pack unlocks the first battle pass track in Overwatch 2, 2,000 premium coins. This currency can be redeemed for cosmetic items in the in-game store, an exclusive player icon, and a variety of Epic and Legendary skins when Overwatch 2 launches in full on Oct. 4.

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