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Zombieman is a six-star fighter in One Punch Man World. You can find the best skills for the hero from our One Punch Man World Zombieman build guide.

One Punch Man World is an intriguing action adventure. The game is out for mobile and PC and you play as Saitama in an open world. Saitama is a trained fighter and he has to join with other characters to save the world. In One Punch Man World, you start with small battles and then the story moves to the metropolis.

With SSR units, you can join Saitama and engage in non-stop combat. In One Punch Man World, fighters have special skills, ultimate skills, and potential. To complete joint action and boss battles, you have to summon the SSR or SR fightersto party. Zombieman is an explosive tank and an SSR hero.

Zombieman is a Six-star S-class hero who wields a powerful handgun. Zombieman’s skills prove he’s a primary DPS. Players can unlock Zombieman avatar after completing the “A Low Key S-class Hero Quest”. With healers and supporters along with zombieman, you can unleash a powerful party. Here are the best skills and abilities for One Punch Man World Zombieman that will get the best build for the tank.

One Punch Man World Zombieman Skills 

Zombieman’s two unique forms make him one of the versatile fighters. Whenever Zombieman’s hp goes below 30%, players can utilize his special combat skills. Handgun & Axe form and Dual-Handgun form are his two different forms and you can switch between both using Torrential Downpour and Mountain Quake. Here are the top skills for One Punch Man World Zombieman,

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One Punch Man World Zombieman

Core Mechanism

While in Handgun & Axe form, his combat skills will increase and these consume hp. In the Dual-Handgun form, you can restore 2% hp from the False Blood. Whenever Zombieman’s hp goes below 50%, you will enter a Life Burst State and this will also increase the recovery SPD of all skills.

Normal Attack

One Punch Man World Zombieman

Normal attack changes for both forms of One Punch Man World Zombieman. But this is another powerful skill for the fighter.

  • Handgun & Axe (Chop) – This will consume Hp and transform it into false blood and allows Zombieman to unleash multiple strikes. Zombieman deals damage equal to 560% of his atk.
  • Dual-Handgun (Shoot)- Zombieman delivers 5 strike and deals damage equal to 540% of atk

Throwing AX

All units throw an AX and this will deal more than 200% damage. Again units along with Zombieman can lunge forward and unleash a swipe attack.

Perseverance Slash

Use the AX to complete this Block skill. If Zombieman fails to block an attack, then he can deal a frontal slash and deal colossal damage. But with a successful block, Zombieman will unleash a slash and deals 200% DMG

Mountain Quake 

This ability allows One Punch Man World Zombieman to leap and strike enemies. He can shock the ground and deal damage equal to 1500% of his atk. Zombieman can switch to Dual-Handgun form through the Mountain Quake skill.


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With 100 stamina, Zombieman can use this ability and dodge attacks quickly.

Retreat & Fire

Retreats to dodge enemy’s attacks while you are shooting. Every hit also decreases the CD of Torrential Downpour by 3% and increases damage

Rolling Fire 

This is a unique skill and Zombieman can roll in aju direction and launch attacks. Rolling Fire deals damage that’s equal to 1020% of ATK

Torrential Downpour

While this skill is active, Zombieman will switch to Handgun & Axe form. He can continuously circle any target and shoot attacks. Torrential Downpour makes Zombieman immune to DMG.


In One Punch Man World Potential is a new feature. The new gacha system in the game has incorporated lots of new skills for fighters. Here’s all about the potential of One Punch Man World Zombieman,

  • Composed Mind – Zombieman receives ATK equal to 45% of Composure ATK
  • Potential Tier I – The ultimate burst grants recovery SPD bonus for the cd of all skills by 100% in the Life Burst State
  • Potential Tier II – Road Break level limit will be +3
  • Potential Tier III – Damage will be increased by 15% by using Mountain Quake or Torrential Downpour. The effects stack 3 times
  • Potential Tier IV – The invincibility skill grants damage bonus whenever a monster enters the break state. Crit triggered by attacks will generate 40% composure DMG bonus
  • Potential Tier V – With low hp, Zombieman can use both Throwing AX and Perseverance Slash
  • Potential Tier VI – 1% of max hp lost will provide DMG bonus to characters

The best skills and potential for Zombieman will help you form the best build for the tank. One Punch Man World Zombieman is one of my best companions for battles. With these abilities, you can bash enemies and progress faster in the Joint Action Terminal.

How to Get Mystery Tokens in One Punch Man World?

Mystery tokens are mystery coins and these are found in major locations like City A and City Z. You can explore hospitals, shopping district, station street and chain supermarket to get these mystery coins. The entire Hero Association Headquarters in One Punch Man World can be explored fully to collect all Mystery Tokens in the game. Mystery tokens are collectibles that you have to pick to complete a side-quest.

Are Collectibles Essential in One Punch Man World?

Collectibles like currency and silver are essential resources in One Punch Man World. These can be earned by completing Joint Action System quests and Story missions. Also, you can use promo codes to get World Silver and other resources. With these, you can upgrade skills for fighters and develop their stats.

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