NXT vs AEW ratings: Who won the viewership/ratings battle on 10/10/2023?


All you should know about NXT vs. AEW viewership and ratings on 10/10/23

NXT vs AEW ratings: Who won the viewership/ratings battle on 10/10/2023?
NXT vs AEW Ratings

WWE’s NXT has taken over AEW and garnered the highest number of views and ratings in the and has beaten AEW in the latest Tuesday night war.

According to the data that has been made available, the views garnered by AEW were 609,000 and NXT pulled in 921,000 viewers. The viewers of AEW have fallen by 24%, and the rating they received this week was 0.26 and 346,000 in the 18-49 demographic.

NXT has pulled in 396,000 in the key adults 18-49 demographic along with a rating of 0.30. The format of the two shows is that NXT presently airs on Tuesdays on USA Network and AEW’s Dynamite airs on Wednesdays on TBS. Let us take a deep dive into the battle ratings on 10/10/23.

Who won the viewership/ratings battle on 10/10/2023?

This petty war raged between NXT and AEW. In this episode of NXT, there were main stars who were breaking forward, such as John Cena, Undertaker, Paul Heyman, Cody Rhodes, and Jade Cargill.

This episode of NXT was referred to as “The Greatest NXT of All Time”. There were various matches that were booked, such as Bryan Danielson vs. Swerve Strickland and Rey Fenix vs. Orange Cassidy for AEW.

Why did NXT garner a lot of views and ratings? This happened because the cameos were made by top celebrities, even though they were not there throughout their performances, which intrigued fans and created a lot of excitement.

AEW did not stay behind. AEW stepped up and loaded a new show with the title Tuesday, which featured Adam Copeland, aka Edge’s, debut against Luchasaurus in a main event. Bryan Danielson’s match also received a lot of attention.

However the middle half of the show could not garner fans’ attention for long, and they lost viewers. The unnecessary angle of Juice Robinson threatening MJF or the late revelation that Jon Moxley would not be medically cleared to challenge Ray Fenix took things down.


The most important question that comes up after Tuesday’s episode is: who is the winner of the viewership and ratings battle?

Both companies offered 30 minutes of ad-free programming to gain viewership and make additions, but WWE’s NXT garnered the biggest audience, and they actually made the broadcast a special one in history.

Bringing out its superstars such as John Cena, Rhea Ripley, and even The Undertaker, who retired in 2020, has shown up against Bron Breakker.

AEW’s President Tony Khan to gain an edge over WWE also announced ROH world champion Eddie Kingston and NPJW’s champion Minoru Suzuki to have a match just 30 minutes before the match started. However, all of WWE’s NXT has the upper hand over AEWin in all aspects.

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