Kobe Bryant once predicted that James Harden and the Rockets would not win the title with the style of play they were playing

The Houston Rockets have relied mainly on James Harden’s style of play in the past season to win games but NBA Legend Kobe Bryant stated that they won’t be able to win championships with that style of play. 

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James Harden during his time with the Houston Rockets (ESPN)

Kobe mentioned how that style was never going to win them a championship and also explained how one player dominating the ball won’t solve the solution for them, 

Here is the whole statement,

I’m not a fan of it in terms of winning championships. I don’t think that style is ever gonna win a championship. But at the same time, you have to keep your team’s head above water to win games… He’s doing that. Not with this style of play, it won’t win. With one player dominating the ball… now when you have Chris Paul come back, and you have more movement to the offence, when you move guys around, you’re harder to guard… If you take one player you put them at the top of the key or you put them on the wing, and you’re running screen and rolls, you’re always in front of the defence. The defence can key on that, particularly in the playoffs. That’s easy to defend.

However, it seemed like Kobe Bryant was proven right on this take. The Houston Rockets didn’t win a championship during James Harden’s tenure. 

James Harden has slowly shifted towards a “pass-first” play style 

During the whole discussion about Harden and Houston Bryant did acknowledge that Harden’s production has been “absolutely remarkable,”.

“It’s a testament to how remarkable it is because people are now trying to minimize what he’s doing,” “I mean, he’s doing some phenomenal stuff,” Bryant said during the interview.

James Harden shines as the Philadelphia 76ers take down the Clippers
James Harden shines as the Philadelphia 76ers take down the Clippers

James last played for the Philadelphia 76ers and this season also there are all signs that he will be returning to the same franchise only. Seems like he has kept Bryant’s words in his mind because He was once a fantastic isolation scorer with Houston Rockets but now has slowly shifted towards more of a “pass-first” play style during his time with the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Philadelphia 76ers will certainly be among the championship contenders for next season. Hopefully, their offseason acquisitions pay off and perhaps we will see Philadephia 76ers going to the Finals and Harden winning the championship.

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