No Man’s Sky Orbital Overhauls Space Stations and Starship Customization! 27th Major Update for this Gem!!


No Man’s Sky Orbital update is here and there is a lot to cover in this latest update of the game.

No Man’s Sky is one of the biggest releases in the last generation (pun intended). The game had a rough launch, and it is one of those games that has gotten better over time.

One of the best examples of redemption of a game after a shaky release. 8 years later, the game is out with No Man’s Sky Orbital which is the 27th major update this game is releasing. It is great to see that the developers are still actively supporting this game and keeping the community active and healthy. Let us break down the No Man’s Sky Orbital in this article.

no man's sky orbital
No Man’s Sky Orbital Cover

No Man’s Sky Orbital – Gameplay Loop

The gameplay loop of No Man’s Sky revolves around exploring planets in your ships collecting resources and upgrading your ship. Exploration is the biggest feature of this game as there are almost endless amounts of planets and galaxies to conquer and explore. Every planet is procedurally generated so players will have different experiences based on their gameplay.

Players can also have deep customization options for their ship and attire. Initially, the game was stale as there was not much to do but eventually, this game became one of the finest examples of a space exploration game and is a must-play for fans of Space-themed genre games.

No Man’s Sky Orbital- The Breakdown

The developers were smart with the release date of this update as No Man’s Sky Orbital update is releasing on the 27th of March (get it?).  The 1st and foremost update in this game is that the space station has been completely refreshed and overhauled to give a smoother experience.

The procedurally generated customization option of the station has been changed too. A few lighting effects and visual upgrades have been added to the space station. The UI changes help the player to access the quick menu to switch their ships while on the space station.

maxresdefault 153
No Man’s Sky Gameplay

Another big update includes the fleet missions in the game where players can call home via the starship communicator while away on expeditions and also the command terminal on the freighter.

The fleet commander might also seek your help in complicated situations and directly ask for a favor as needed. The player’s decision-making skills are tested in such scenarios and the outcome reflects these fleet missions. Other bug fixes have been applied to the fleet missions.

Finally, the most interesting part of the No Man’s Sky Orbital update is the Starship Customization options. A new Starship Fabricator has been added to the space station that will help layers build custom starships such as fighters, haulers, or explorers. Another feature is that while salvaging a ship, players can target specific parts of the ship for looting and making their own custom-made new show. As expected, players can also customize the color schemes of the new ship.

NMS Frontiers Hero
No Man’s Sky Cover

No Man’s Sky Orbital- Bug Fixes

As with every major update, there are tons of bug fixes and user interface upgrades. These include some quality-of-life improvements, bugs that the community pointed out, and other features that focus on smoother gameplay. There is a full list of fixes here.

When was No Man’s Sky released?

No Man’s Sky was first released on August 9th 2016

What genre is No Man’s Sky?

No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game with elements of exploration and open world elements.

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