Nicki Minaj and Gag City: What is this AI creation all about? Who made it?


Nicki Minaj and Gag City: All you should know about Nicki Minaj and Gag City is: what is this AI creation all about, and who made it?

Nicki Minaj made mention of Gag City and stated that her fans would be going to Gag City. There were various speculations going around Nicki Minaj’s gag city.

What is it about, and what is the concept behind it? In September 2023, Nicki Minaj uncovered artwork for her album, which featured a sky train headed to Pink City.

Here is everything you need to know about Gag City and learn all about what this AI creation is all about and who created it.

Nicki Minaj and Gag City
Nicki Minaj and Gag City (Twitter)

What is this Nicki Minaj and Gag City AI creation all about?

This AI creation is all about a dreamland that is pink and has been made to highlight Nicki Minaj’s aesthetic. Nicki Minaj captioned the AI-generated gag city and told her fans to prepare for landing when she was releasing her new album, and the term ‘Gag’ in LGBTQ+ terms means to be awestruck by something.

Gag City is a part of Nicki Minaj’s kingdom, and this has led a lot of fans to connect amongst themselves. Gag City comprises a dreamlike aesthetic that comprises a modern day pink city that is curated around Nicki Minaj’s aesthetic.

Who made Nicki Minaj and Gag City?

Gag City has been created by fans of Nicki Minaj, and using AII, they are generating images of themselves and various celebrities.

One instance of the Gag City is Celebrity Rapper Bia being a part of the Gag City. Ironically, Nicki Minaj is also supporting Gag City.

The Gag City has been created with the help of AI, and this is the first time that a city has been created with the aesthetic of a celebratory, and NICKI’s stans, also known as Barbz, are here for it.


Nicki Minaj’s fans created the AI-generated Gag City, and they created multiple versions of Gag City. AI City even featured Trisha Paytas, to which she took to her X account and responded, “Is this AI or am I there?”.

There were celebrities such as Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, and many more who were a part of this Gag City. In another series of events, Peppa Pig was also seen hanging around Gag City.

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