Squid Game Season 2: Here is all you need to know about the plot, location and more


Squid Game Season 2: All you should know about Squid Game Season 2 is here, and here is all you need to know about the plot, location, and more.

Squid Game Season 2 is set to make a return on Netflix as the first season garnered a lot of attention, the first episode of the series aired on November 22nd, and the last episode is set to be released on December 6.

The news that Squid Game 2 is coming back has left fans extremely excited for what’s to come. The Vice President of Netflix Non-Fiction Series Brandon Reigg stated that there was no red light in our decision to greenlight season two of Squid Game: The Challenge, which is the most ambitious unscripted show on Netflix.

The Squid Game producers confirmed that they are excited to come back again and are ready to shoot with their team in Korea.

Squid Game Season 2: Here is all you need to know about the plot, location and more

Squid Game 2’s trailer has been released on the YouTube channel of Netflix. Squid Game season 2’s plot consists of Seong Gi-Hun, who will be part of the show again.

In a statement released on X, formerly known as Twitter, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, the writer, director, producer, and creator, stated that Gi-Hung would make a comeback in the third season of the series. The statement also mentioned, “The man in the suit with Ddakji might be back. You’ll also be introduced to Young Hee’s boyfriend, Cheol-Su.”

Gi Hun’s return can turn out to be a little tricky, and with the cash he has and more, how will he be able to sneak in again? In the trailer, we saw how there were guards wearing pink uniforms, dormitories, and arenas.

There were players wearing green tracksuits. In a tweet made by the producers, there was a mention of Yeong Hee’s boyfriend Cheol-Su and Yeong Hee was the creepy doll that fans were playing with in the first episode. The location for the game is expected to be in Korea itself, as announced by the VP of Netflix, Brandon Regg.


The filming for Squid Game season 2 started in July 2023, and it is expected that the next season of Squid Game might come in 2024.

It was expected that Netflix might plan to release the series on Christmas 2024, and it can be a treat for fans to watch again. The first season of Squid Game became trending in over 94 countries and stayed within the top 10 lists of series or shows to watch.

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