“You don’t even get to a second contract, You are a bust”- NFL Analyst fires shot at Baker Mayfield



NFL Analyst calls out Baker Mayfield as a bust following his ongoing struggles to revive his NFL career.

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"You don't even get to a second contract, You are a bust"- NFL Analyst fires shot at Baker Mayfield 3

Baker Mayfield would have hoped for a better start to his career after getting traded by the Cleveland Browns but unfortunately, he hasn’t played well so far for the Carolina Panthers.

Injuries have continued to hinder him, and poor play calls by former head coach Matt Rhule didn’t help his case either. So far this season, Mayfield has a passer rating of 71.9 with 962 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions in 5 games this season.

These numbers are pretty poor for a player like him and people have begun doubting whether he deserved to get drafted as the 1st overall pick in 2018. Recently, Joy Taylor called him a bust and it was a heavy shot directed toward the former Browns quarterback.

Talking about it, Joy Taylor said, “Baker Mayfield is a polarizing celebrity. Okay. He was on. He was the face of progressive versus every commercial. Okay, so let’s not act like Baker’s public persona wasn’t bigger than his play because it was. Going into the draft that played a role in it too.”

She added, “When you are the number one pick when you are considered to be better than Lamar Jackson, then Josh Allen, let’s say, Saquan Barkley, Minkah Fitzpatrick then Vita Vea. You don’t even get to a second contract. You are a bust. And not that you didn’t get to not that you played out your full contract in Cleveland.”

She further said, “They who are who said it cuz everyone’s yelling, they ran you out of town. The way that you treated people in the organization, people that cover the organization and you play your teammates. Are we just gonna gloss over the fact that Odell just got right back to being Odell Beckham Jr., the second he got away from Baker Mayfield?

So far in his career in NFL, Mayfield has played 5 seasons for the Browns and Panthers. He has thrown for 15,087 yards and 96 touchdowns. He also has thrown 60 interceptions, and on many instances has looked out of all sorts which is why many people are worried about his future in the league.

Emmanuel Acho defended Baker Mayfield from bust allegations

Emmanuel Acho didn’t like Joy Taylor calling out Baker Mayfield as a bust. He gave valid reasons why the former Browns quarterback had done enough in the league to avoid the bust allegations.

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"You don't even get to a second contract, You are a bust"- NFL Analyst fires shot at Baker Mayfield 4

Emmanuel Acho defended Baker Mayfield and said, “Do you realize that Baker Mayfield showed up in Cleveland, and they were one in 31 before his arrival one of 31 and instantly won seven games that season. You don’t draft a number one overall pick to win the Super Bowl.”

He added, “Number-one overall picks don’t win Super Bowls rarely, you draft a number-one overall pick to change the course of the franchise. And that’s exactly what Baker Mayfield did. So it may not have worked out for him thus far in Carolina, but he changed the trajectory of the Cleveland Browns and for that reason, there’s no possible way that Baker Mayfield was a bust.”

With PJ Walker playing exceptionally well for the Carolina Panthers it will be tough to get back Baker Mayfield back into the starting lineup. The former No. 1 overall pick will also hit free agency next year, and it will be interesting to see if any team decides to splash big money to acquire his services.

Baker Mayfield’s career has been hindered by injuries, and he will hope to get back in form if he gets another chance this season, as many people are rooting for him to become the player he was a couple of years ago.

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