All you need to know about the reason why New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is known as ‘Vanilla Vick’.

Daniel Jones
Why is Daniel Jones known as 'Vanilla Vick'? 2

Daniel Jones is known by a multitude of aliases at this point. Since he’s been in the NFL, he’s been given a few of different nicknames, some of which are considered to be some of the most memorable in the league.

During his rookie year in the NFL, Jones was given the moniker “Danny Dimes,” which stuck. This title has stuck with him despite the fact that he adopted a new one, Vanilla Vick, during the 2022 NFL season, which was his fourth season overall in the league.

During his first year with the Giants in 2019, Jones earned the nickname “Danny Dimes” from his teammates. Fans have been trying to give him a memorable moniker since the Giants selected him in the draft, which is when the nickname initially surfaced.

The most recent moniker bestowed upon Jones is “Vanilla Vick.” It appears that Saquon Barkley, who recently referred to Jones in a game as that moniker, was the one who bestowed it upon him. Barkley said, “If I break a long one, I better see Vanilla Vick down there,”

This nickname was given to Jones by Barkley as a complement to Jones’ scrambling abilities as well as a homage to Michael Vick’s reputation. Vick is considered to be the best-rushing quarterback in NFL history. Jones’ performance thus far this year has been very strong in all phases of the game, including passing and rushing the ball. As a result, they have earned the right to use that nickname.

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