All you need to know about who will call the plays for the Dallas Cowboys after they parted ways with OC Kellen Moore.

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The Los Angeles Chargers and Kellen Moore have reportedly reached an agreement for Moore to take over as the team’s offensive coordinator, as stated in a statement made by the franchise. Following an end-of-season review process, the Dallas Cowboys issued a statement announcing that they and Moore had reached a “mutual decision to part ways.” The statement also stated that the Cowboys and Moore had agreed to the separation. Following closely on the heels of the Cowboys’ statement, this move was taken fewer than twenty-four hours later.

Moore will take over as offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Chargers, replacing Joe Lombardi, who was fired after the team finished with a record of 10-7 and was eliminated from playoff contention by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the wild-card round. Moore will replace Lombardi because the team finished with a record of 10-7 and was eliminated from playoff contention by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the wild-card round.

As a result, the Dallas Cowboys do not have an official play caller, and many people have been wondering who will be doing that job for them in the upcoming season. However, owner Jerry Jones has set the record straight on the matter and confirmed that head coach Mike McCarthy will be in charge of play-calling for America’s team next season.

It was confirmed Wednesday morning before Senior Bowl workouts that Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy will be in charge of play calling. Team owner and general manager Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones made the announcement.

Jerry Jones is backing on Dallas Cowboys’ head coach to deliver good

Jerry Jones has stated that he anticipates the offensive to mirror McCarthy’s approach more closely than the operation that Dallas used during the head coach’s first three years with the Cowboys. After a successful 13-year run as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers, during which he led the team to a Super Bowl victory and nine postseason berths, the Cowboys signed McCarthy as their new head coach in January 2020.

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Jerry Jones said, “This is the logical step to build on it and use what we’ve established, This is a time for us to build on. That’s what this is, a building step.” When McCarthy came, virtually every member of the staff had been replaced. However, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore was not replaced because both the unit’s production and McCarthy’s desire to provide quarterback Dak Prescott with consistency and comfort within the system led to McCarthy’s decision to keep Moore in his position.

Stephen Jones commented that Moore’s concept “doesn’t entirely connect” with what McCarthy desired the offensive to accomplish. Stephen Jones said, “I think he wanted Kellen to roll but he didn’t totally agree 100 percent with all of the philosophies and the small things that goes into it, and it ultimately came down to, hey, if we’re going to take the next step, he wants to see if he can make the changes that he thinks can make the difference that he didn’t necessarily think that Kellen might have believed in.”

Stephen Jones did not disclose whether or not the front office had briefed Prescott about the decision to change coordinators, despite the fact that the team had already committed to Prescott for the foreseeable future. Three out of the past four seasons, the Cowboys’ offense has finished in the top six in scoring, with the lone exception coming in the year that Dak Prescott sustained a season-ending injury to his ankle in Week 5.

The upcoming season will be very important for the Dallas Cowboys because if they are unable to make a deep playoff run, both quarterback Dak Prescott and head coach Mike McCarthy could be fired. This is because the franchise has not made significant progress with Prescott and McCarthy as their quarterback and head coach, and they may look to make a change.

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