Was Mike McDaniel an alcoholic? When NFL coach opened up on alcohol problems

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Here is all you should know about Mike McDaniel’s struggles with alcohol (if he is an alcoholic) as he opens up about his issues.

Mike McDaniel is the head coach for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League. He has also assisted Mike and Kyle Shanahan, Gary Kubiak, Troy Calhoun, etc.

There have been speculations about Mike’s struggle with alcohol. However, these are not rumors, and Mike has struggled with alcoholism. Mike was an alcoholic. He went through a lot of struggle, and he was diagnosed with depression.

He was also sent to a medical facility, where he was treated for his alcoholism-related issues. Mike struggled with alcoholism until he found cheap vodka bottles under his desk in Cleveland.

Alcoholism had taken a toll on his work life and creativity, and that was creating obstacles for his professional career.

Mike McDaniel
Mike McDaniel

Was Mike McDaniel an alcoholic?

Mike McDaniel struggles with alcoholism. In the early years of his career, Mile was dependent on alcohol. He has been quite vocal about his struggle with alcohol, and in July 2023, he spoke about his struggle with alcohol at a training camp for the Miami Dolphins.

Mike opens up about how alcohol affected him and how he bounced back from his addictions. McDaniel highlighted how, after struggling so much, he has made the decision not to touch alcohol.

His alcohol addiction had gotten him fired, and the bottles that were found in Cleveland caused a lot of issues for the NFL coach. He was harassed by his co-workers for Falcona, and they supported him throughout.

He spoke about his struggles with alcohol when he was asked about adversity in the game, and for the first time, he gave his thoughts on the subject.

He was in a medical facility where he was being treated, but he came to the realization that he could only control things that were in his hands.

McDaniel, even when facing issues in the field, highlights how his addiction has helped him as a person, and he has used all these lessons in his professional life. He also highlights that he has become a father and husband after struggling with alcohol.

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