Is Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce? Is there any truth to the rumors?

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All you should know is that Taylor Swift is dating Travis Kelce, and there is truth to the rumors.

There have been rumors surfacing that pop star Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the American football tight ends for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL, are dating. However, is there any truth to the rumors? Let’s figure it out.

After Kelce tried to give her his number during her concert, Kelce and Taylor started hanging out together. The two have been spending time together, but they are not dating.

Neither Taylor nor Travis have commented on the rumors. Here is everything you should know about what has been going on between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Is there any truth to the rumors?

The rumors started on Travis Kelce’s podcast New Heights, where he was in a conversation with his brother and narrated the story of how he got to attend Taylor Swift’s concert at Arrowhead Stadium.

He expressed his disappointment in how she refused to meet anyone after her concerts, and he said that he was sorry because he was not able to hand her the bracelet that he had specifically made for her.

He expressed that there were bracelets at Swift’s concert, but she wanted to show Taylor the bracelet he had made with his number on it.

A source stated that the two have been hanging out together, but there was no confirmation of the rumors. Andrew Siciliano, the NFL host, tried to dig up information on Taylor Swift during an interview, but Travis said that he meant what he said and refused to continue the conversation on Taylor Swift any further.

Travis was asked when Taylor reached out to her and said, “And that’s going to wrap it up here.” He refused the comment on his and Taylor’s situation. Travis has always had a crush on Taylor, and he has a crush on her, but there is no truth to the rumors about them being together.

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