It seems like Dak Prescott has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders in the 2022-23 season. He not only has to have a great individual year where he would lead his Dallas Cowboys from the front but has to inspire his team to make it count – especially towards the later end of the season. 

Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott

While ESPN’s panelists got together to discuss Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Dallas Cowboys’ upcoming showdown–Greg Jennings had plenty to talk about upon the Cowboys and in particular, Dak Prescott, who is unarguably the face of the franchise. 

Greg Jennings stated, “Dak Prescott…there have been a lot of question – Who are you guys? Can you make it into the playoffs this year? Will you even win the NFC East? Dak Prescott had one of his best seasons since his rookie year, last year – TD Interception Ratio and all of those things (were impressive) but what did it turn out to be? A DUD! You have to show that you can win the playoffs, in the most difficult stages – Dak and the Cowboys haven’t been able to do that.” 

Can Dak Prescott lead the underdog-Cowboys side to glory in 2022-23 season? 

Greg added, “We need Dak Prescott to WIN and not just have these great statistical years but make sure they (Cowboys) equate to winning football games.” 

Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott

While initially it was being reported that Dak Prescott might not even start the season opener against the Tampa Bay Bucs due to right ankle soreness. However, the seasoned veteran knew no bars to himself down this time around. He was on the field for a portion of practice that was open to the media before heading to the locker room in the build-up to the season opener previously. But the team has confirmed it themself, that Prescott is going to start the proceedings on the weekend against Tom Brady. 

Well, it is safe to urge that if the Cowboys are to making head-waves in this season, Prescott needs to be at his best, throughout. With this player having led the Cowboys twice in the playoffs in the previous four years, will there be a third-time-magic? Remains to be seen. 

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