Watch: Steelers rookie QB Kenny Pickett gets in a conflict with a Bills player following a disappointing loss in Week 5


Newest Starting Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers – Kenny Pickett had the worst possible start to his journey. After showing sparks of form in his previous performances, the rookie QB was dismantled by the Buffalo Bills defense throughout the course of four quarters, making sure that he has reached well over his boiling point. 

Kenny Pickett Steelers
Kenny Pickett

Being pulled over the entire game, Kenny Pickett was never made to settle-in by the Bills defense, who surely had a pre-game strategy to annoy the 24-year-old. His first ‘welcome-to-the-NFL’ moment came in the third quarter, when Damar Hamlin a late blow to Pickett’s upper body area. To those who are not aware, these two spoken off personnel were college teammates at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Just when Kenny Pickett was allowed some fresh air, with just 1-minute remaining on the clock, Shaq Lawson dove into Kenny’s left leg on an attempted tackle. This made sure that the Steelers’ starting Quarterback comes out of his shell, giving a push to the defensive end. Eventually ignited one or perhaps the heaviest brawl of the night. 

Kenny Pickett, Steelers suffer massively against Buffalo Bills 

Both the above-mentioned contacts on Kenny Pickett were deemed legal by the officials, which added salt on the wounds of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ players. However, Buffalo’s A.J.Epenesa was penalized and ejected after the ugly scrum because he made contact with an official. A word from the league and the team is also being awaited. 

While the Buffalo bills blew out Steelers 38-3 to push them to a 1-4 tally, Kenny Pickett did show promise on his first start for the latter team. Pickett finished the game completing 34 of 52 passes for 327 yards with no TouchDowns and just one interception. 

Will the Steelers be able to come out of this hole in the 2022-23 season? Or are they done for good? Will be an interesting story to keep an eye on, because if it was the former case, they definitely need to register consecutive wins as early as they end. 

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