“They surely aren’t Jay Z and Beyonce” NFL Analyst rips apart Russell Wilson for ‘faking’ personality


Russell Wilson hasn’t had the best of performances so far for the Denver Broncos. With his teammate(s) and fanbase already upset about his incapability to lead the Dever Broncos. It seems like the frustration is also getting out on his off-court antics. That is surely the case for NFL Analyst – Kyle Brandt. 

Russell Wilson with wife Ciara
Russell Wilson with wife Ciara

The frustration generated by Russell Wilson has reached a point where many are upset why the Denver Broncos are even being placed in prime time. Safe to say, it does not look good for a $240 Million signee, who has the expectation of changing the face of the franchise with his leadership prowess. 

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson

How Russell Wilson played against the Indianapolis Colts added more to the frustration of those who have been majorly disappointed by him. He not only failed to tie the game against the Colts, this past Thursday but even ignored the run made by KJ Hamler, which left the player, team and fans frustrated on Wilson giving up. 

Russell Wilson gets destroyed by Kyle Brandt 

On the same note, Kyle Brandt claimed that the way Broncos Wide Receiver KJ Hamler spiked his helmet during the clash against Colts, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that he was seemingly frustrated with the poor tactics from Russell Wilson. 

Kyle stated, “Russell Wilson is actually one of the least authentic personalities in the league.” Moreover, Brandt called the Denver Broncos Quarterback – a poser, adding that if you are getting paid more than $240 million, you either have to be an excellent locker room guy or an outstanding player and currently, Wilson isn’t succeeding in accomplishing any of those things. Moreover, his performances have failed to live up to the hype created of thousands who had major expectations from him. 

That being said, to make matters even worse – Brandt told what he observed about Wilson and his wife Ciara when he was at NFL Honors. “Kelce comes by, Rodgers comes by, Russell Wilson shows up with his wife and I think they believe they are Jay Z and Beyonce and they literally put their hand up and said, ‘no, we are not talking.’” 

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