New Orleans Saints haven’t been at their best, and their Alvin Kamara has only added to the team’s concerns. Perhaps the trouble could be much deeper as we talk, after a footage of his brawl with a man in Vegas during the last season’s Pro Bowl has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

Alvin Kamara
Alvin Kamara

The concerned player dodged the suspension from NFL as court proceedings are still being carried out on the incident. Now a video released by TMZ showcases just what Alvin Kamara did. To bring everyone on the same page, the running back was arrested in February after he and his friends were accused of assaulting a man at The Cromwell Hotel and Casino.

To talk about the incidents unravelling in the video – this spoken off footage of the altercation reveals Alvin Kamara, his friends unloading on the man after getting into an argument outside of an elevator of the Casino’s nightclub. As per the lawsuit filed by Darnell Greene, this ugly fight went down after the running barred Greene from getting on the elevator by force.

Alvin Kamara’s fight footage leaked

The running back’s friends joined in, in Kamara throwing hands at Greene and stomped the latter personnel before clearing out the premises. As per the lawsuit, he suffered injuries to his back, neck, head, shoulder, knees and even fractured his right orbital bone. After looking at the beating he received, one can understand what might’ve gone through him as this altercation took place in Las Vegas.

Alvin Kamara
Alvin Kamara

This means that Kamara’s inclusion in the upcoming games of Saints can be in major danger, as the league’s official word is awaited. The New Orleans Sains are scheduled to lock horns against Baltimore Ravens in Week 9, will we witness Kamara in action? Remains to be seen.

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