Tom Brady’s Tamp Bay Buccaneers have played well below everybody’s expectations in the 2022-23 regular season. Having dropped below .500, criticism has come in abundance for the 2020 Super Bowl champs. Much of it, nowadays, is going towards Pro Bowl linebacker Devin White. Just when he needed someone to come out and defend him, no surprises who has got his back. None other than Brady.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

To those who are not aware Devin White is being heavily criticized for his lack of effort on the field. With the Bucs struggling, many have witnessed the Pro Bowl linebacker to give up, rather than to give his 100% till the end (during Week 8 loss against Baltimore Ravens). Moreover, Devin White was called out for his apparent shortcomings, which included a harsh assessment from former Buc Warren Sapp.

“I don’t got no response to that. People that know football know what is going on,” White responded to the criticism. “I was on the far side of the field on our sideline from my coverage and the play happened on their sideline. I took off running, obviously I wasn’t running fastest over there. My teammates know what’s going on. What comes with me on the field is effort.”

Bucs star Tom Brady sends strong message to Devin White

After which the Pro Bowl linebacker decided to respond to a specific tweet that was directed to Sapp’s criticism, “Let’s dead this Greg, the play happened bro, I play a lot of snaps & I’m in chase mode 24/7 I got a lil more fatigue than normal because of that long series! But I gotta be way better for my teammates and that’s what I meant by my teammates know. I apologized.”

After which Tom Brady showed his unwavering support to the embattled White, “It’s gonna take all of us. We got you Devin White.”

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