“They are not missing CMc”- Skip Bayless believes the Carolina Panthers are doing well after trading Christian McCaffrey to the 49ers


Christian McCaffrey made his move from Carolina Panthers to the San Francisco 49ers in an attempt to place himself in a more formidable offensive unit. After his departure, it seems like his former team rose to new heights, even after plenty of their stars were placed on the bench against Tom Brady’s Bucs in Week 7.

Christian McCaffrey
Christian McCaffrey

How did Carolina Panthers win? Without Christian McCaffrey, this team just handed Tom Brady one of the most brutal losses of his career. After beating the Bucs 21-3 on Sunday, Panthers ensured that fans, including Skip Bayless acknowledge about their potential and that they do not depend upon any player in particular.

To make matters worse this is the first time since 2022, that Tom Brady has gone sub -.500 record after his team has now posed a record of 3-4 in the first seven games of the 2022-23 regular season.

Carolina Panthers storm past Tampa Bay Bucs without Christian McCaffrey

To bring everyone on the same page – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a 13-point favorite against Carolina Panthers, who had lost 5 out of their past 6 games. Moreover, they had lost 12 of its past 13 games dating back to last season. Brady’s biggest upsets in terms of point spreads were in 2007 against the New York Jets (12.5 points), 2012 to Arizona (13.5 points) and 2019 to Miami (17 points).

The domination of a Christian McCaffrey less team was stamped to an extent that the Panthers held Bucs scoreless in the first three quarters. After the game even PJ Walkers acknowledged the importance of McCaffrey into the team and how the entire unit felt when he got traded away.

“It was a heartbreak for all of us,” he said of the trade, as per ESPN. “We all knew what Christian meant to this team, this program in general. But for us to go out today and put up (173) rushing, that’s a big up to that O-line. That O-line played really good today.

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