“THAT’S WHY YOU DRAFT A KICKER!!!!”: Cleveland Browns Twitter account boasts about their rookie Kicker following win against Panthers


The Cleveland Browns are bound to pat themselves after acquiring the best kicker in the draft class – Cade York. The monumental 21-year-old handed his side a craft win from 58 yards out against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. 

Cade York
Cade York – Cleveland Browns

Safe to say when Cleveland was going through the draft prospects, a kicker wasn’t surely their need, but Cade York encouraged them to go against their roster plans and opt in for him. The result today is in front of all, as the star Placekicker has gone on to become ‘the-Pride-holder’ for Cleveland Browns. And to his surprise, the franchise even decided to boast about it on their official social media handle. 

Mike Priefer was stern that the Cleveland Browns had to pick the right guy in the draft to make it count in the 2022-23 season. As a result of this, Browns made York – the highest drafted rookie since 2016. But to those who are not aware, Cade York left LSU as the program’s most decorated kicker in history. 

Cade York proves his worth as Cleveland Browns edge past Panthers in Week 1 

One would find it surprising, but Cleveland Browns have surely broken the season-opener jinx as they won their inaugural showdown for the first time since 2004. One does find it fitting now as before the season opener, there were viral videos of this 21-year-old young stud kicking the ball from 60 to 70 yards out. 

Cade York
Cade York

Cade York doesn’t only have the required strength in his feet but also the accuracy to kick precisely where he wants to. To be precise – Cade York was 6-for-6 on his kicks. He made four field goals and both extra point attempts. 

While this is only Week1 of the tedious 2022-23 NFL season, York has gone onto show that the Browns could surely rely on him for some points week-after-week. Moreover, with the schedule for the current season being one of the most exhausting for Browns, such talents could be a huge boost for the entire team as things get tensed during the business end. 

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