Just as things were looking to go haywire, Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers just registered their first win over the Los Angeles Rams (since Brady joined the team) in a long time. The former team won 16-13, on the backs of their marquee Quarterback, who showcased his clutch gene to the very best of his abilities.

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Tom Brady

Tom Brady has been under scrutiny for not being able to lead his team in the same manner ever since he joined them for the 2022-23 regular season. In a low-scoring contest, the 7xSuper Bowl Champ seemed to have enough of it. In the process, he created history as well – doing so with a clutch drive made it even more special.

In the post-game interview, Brady was once again spotted smiling as he revealed his true feelings by dropping the f bomb, “That was awesome. That was f**king awesome.”

How did Tom Brady perform against the Rams in Week 9?

The 45-year-old veteran Quarterback threw for 280 yards in the win and, in the process, became the first quarterback in history to throw for more than 100,000 yards. That tally includes both the regular season and the postseason. His total is now up to 100,116 yards.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

To just give everyone an idea about how far ahead Brady is – he is 15,000 yards more than Drew Brees, who is second on the same list.

That being said, the talk about the most clutch moment from the game – the 2020 NFL Champs were 13-9 behind with only 44 seconds left in the fourth quarter. They needed a 60-yard drive to make it to the endzone, with no timeouts left.

That is just when the legend of Tom Brady came alive, leading the 55th game-winning drive of his career. He threw to Cade Otton with just over 8 seconds remaining to put the Buccaneers 15-13 up – extra point conversion added another point against their name.

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