Washington Commanders, the team ranked as the 6th most valued team in the NFL in 2022 has got heaps of criticism due to the unethical practices going on insider the organization, under the visionary of Dan Snyder. With numerous sexual harassment and misconduct accusations, it seems like the franchise could be heading into the hands of a completely new ownership.

Dan Snyder 3
Dan Snyder

Though, it is still unclear that Dan Snyder wants to sell a part of Washington Commanders or the whole franchise, yet there is a growing sentiment around in and around the NFL that the latter scenario might be the case.

As per CBSSports, one source who’s familiar with the bidding process estimated the Washington Commanders would sell for between $5 billion and $6 billion. It was earlier revealed that the franchise has hired a bank to consider ‘potential transaction.’

Dan Snyder willing to sell the entire Washington Commanders to third party?

On the other hand, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported on Sunday that the Washington commanders could potentially sell for as high as $7 Billion. With plenty of other owners already holding meeting upon what could be their next move to remove Dan Snyder from the ownership-picture, Snyders themselves revealed on Wednesday they hired BofA Securities to explore the potential sale of the Commanders.

This seems to be only a matter of time as NFL fans s have called for an ownership change for years, and the dissent has reached a fevered pitch amid a series of controversies involving the organization. Especially with Washington Commanders being at the helm of all wrong doings, sooner or later the higher authorities are going to invade this matter with strict actions.

Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder

While the potential list of buyers seems to spring a new name every passing day – People’s Charlotte Triggs and Natasha Dye reported Jeff Bezos may be interested and could bring Jay-Z within his ownership group. While, on the other hand, Kamaron Leach of Bloomberg reported Entertainment Studios founder Byron Allen is laying the groundwork for a bid.

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