“No QB had a worse weekend than Tom Brady”- Shannon Sharpe believes the Buccaneers quarterback looked awful in Week 7


Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are two legends of the NFL, who have cemented their respective legacies as the most iconic ones. But the 2022-23 NFL Season hasn’t been kind for either of them. While both of them have aged like fine wine, there are no doubts upon the caliber and quality of both these spoken off QBs. But their team just isn’t able to play around them at the moment.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

While Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost their Week 7 showdown against a depleted Carolina Panthers side led by third-choice QB. It was their third loss in four games for Tom Brady’s side. On the other hand, Green Bay Packers lost out to the Washington Commanders 23-21 and are placed 2nd in the NFC North. Whereas the Bucs are still first in NFC South, despite being 3-4.

If you were to ask Shannon Sharpe, Tom Brady ahs had a worse week that reigning MVP – Aaron Rodgers. It is the first time in two decades that the former’s team has slipped beyond -.500 and Sharpe has only gone onto add why he feels that the above-mentioned statement is true.

Shannon Sharpe on Tom Brady, Bucs dropping Week 7 game vs Panthers

The former NFL star who has turned into an analyst with Fox Sports quoted on the latest episode of Undisputed, No QB had a worse weekend than Tom Brady. At least Aaron Rodgers threw 2 touchdowns, Brady had zero!”

Sharpe went onto concluded on the point that this year is just not meant for Tom Brady, and he may very well hang up his boots after the end of 2022-23 season.

"The way he played last year, it might have been his best year ever,"- Bruce Arians on Tom Brady
Bruce Arians on Tom Brady

That being said, things could change if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could manage to acquire some fresh legs before the trade deadline, to help Brady on the offensive end. What drama awaits in the coming weeks? Who knows, but for now, all eyes are on Tom Brady’s Bucs locking horns against Lamar Jackson in Week 8.

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