“This one felt too good”- Mike McDaniel on the acquisition of Tyreek Hill



Tyreek Hill was traded to the Miami Dolphins from the Kansas City Chiefs which shocked the entire world as Hill was an important part of the Chiefs and nobody saw his exit coming.

"This one felt too good"- Mike McDaniel on the acquisition of Tyreek Hill 3

One man’s loss is another man’s gain, and that’s what happened here as the Miami Dolphins have bolstered their squad with the acquisition of Tyreek Hill who will provide another dimension to their attack.

The pairing of Tyreek with Jaylen Waddle will be the key to the success of the Dolphins as they both together are part of the fastest WR duo in the NFL which will give a huge advantage to the Miami Dolphins.

Mike McDaniel who was recently appointed as the head coach of the Dolphins was delighted with the signing of Tyreek Hill and said, “You don’t know if it’s true or too good to be true, This one felt too good.”

He further spoke about Tyreek and added, “I will say that with players of dynamic skill sets such as Tyreek, which, if there are other players that have his combination of skill, that group is small, there’s no real ceiling on in terms of the ways that you can involve him.

“The game of football is pretty simple when it comes to the defense”- Mike McDaniel

Mike McDaniel further talked about his plans for the team in the upcoming season and said, “The game of football is pretty simple when it comes to defense, The faster that you can expand the area with which they have to defend, whether you’re handing the ball off or you’re running pass concepts, the more space players have to make plays with or without the ball.”

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He added, “The speed element, knowing that there’s a finite amount of time that it can take for a play to develop, and maximizing the amount of space that the defense has to defend, helps each player on the offense, and it’s one of the reasons that that phrase, ‘speed kills,’ does exist in the National Football League.”

The Miami Dolphins fans are very excited for the next season as they have got a coach who has got a good vision and is looking to instantly make an impact and lead them to winning ways.

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